The #1 Reason Your Video Content is Not Selling


Most creators are having a difficult time selling their video content. They always ask us for marketing strategies to help them. However, the video content strategy should emerge from video content building blocks. The content strategy should be the core of your marketing campaign. You will want to know if the consumer wants to be a part of the story. In order to inspire participation, the customer must be the hero of your story. The story must evolve and mature.


The consumers should be the forefront of your brand; they are building the brand for you. This is why it is essential to celebrate your consumers, co-author stories with your consumers, and have consumer-focused storytelling and not self-directed storytelling. When consumers start participating, it is important to reward and upgrade (take your consumers to a different level) engagement.


When the brand goes from self-proclaimed celebrity to the chief celebrant, the community will start to develop.


Ask yourself: What consumer benefit will your marketing campaign celebrate?


  • Concept

Where is your current customer with their journey? You want to solve the easy problems for free. All your complex problems should require a paid solution. When you create a content strategy, you want to decide how you will help transform the consumer into the hero. Imagine right now that they are all over the place. What are you going to do to stop them in their tracks and point out their biggest problem? From there you will guide them to find a solution for their problem.


  • Communication

What do your consumers need to know? How will you educate them through story telling? This is the hardest part of the content strategy because you will have to use a series of different types of content to educate your consumers. The more personable you are, the more driven your prospects will be to learn from you. Video is the best way to convey your message. For example, create a series of training videos to send out to your prospects until they purchase.


  • Connection

What will you do to engage with your consumers after you educate them on what you do? Your next steps could be a drip email campaign they receive to their inbox. The emails in the campaign should be personable. The best way to carry this out is through manual emails. It might sound tedious and not scalable, but it is actually one of the best ways to establish a connection with someone. In order to establish this connection you may want to create “cookie content.” This means every time they click they get rewarded in some way.


  • Conversion

At the end of the content strategy, your audience should become a brand advocate. This is your opportunity to evangelize the connection. Now you can start creating content based on what your consumers want to read. In fact, involve them in the content creation process. The copy should express what they want and not what they need, as most purchases are based on emotion. If you use a video sales letter, you will be able to feasibly implement copy that triggers a positive response. Don’t forget, your offer should outweigh the investment, overcome risk, and reverse risk.


Here is a list of 40 different ideas you can use to build a connection with your target audience. This should be based on the purchase behavior and interests. Try to create two to three different types of content on a weekly basis. This will keep your audience engaged!


What are your biggest challenges when it comes to video content marketing?

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