3 Powerful Ways To Build Your List With Gbox

By Sweta Patel

Building a quality subscriber list is fundamental to your video selling success. Yes, email marketing is alive and well, and you need to be taking advantage of it!

Connecting with your community on a regular basis, informing them of your brand, your video channel and your awesome content, helps them learn more about you. When you teach your audience about the amazing benefits you bring to their lives, the more likely they are to purchase one of your videos.

While there is varying data about the number of times a consumer has to be exposed to your brand/organization before they are ready to purchase, the foundation for their purchasing behavior is based on how much they trust that what you have to offer them will make their lives better.

Gbox has rolled out an update that helps you get your video content seen by more people than ever before, while at the same time helping you to increase your subscriber base.

This week our case study is Fair Observer, a nonprofit media organization and featured Gbox channel that is truly inspirational in its endeavours. Seeking to inform and educate the public from the standpoint that we are all truly global citizens, the Fair Observer journal gives readers a plurality of perspectives to help make sense of the world.

Producing hard hitting, exciting content on a daily basis, Fair Observer uses their email newsletter to keep their community informed on the latest headlines, events and fundraising initiatives. Being a non-profit, they rely heavily on donations, which is why the Fundraising model has been the perfect pricing strategy for the video content they release.

To help Fair Observer, and all of our Gbox creators extend their social reach and message impact even further, this week we’ve released a new non-monetary pricing model to help you build your oh-so-important email subscriber list.

Gain Insider Access To Viewer Behavior & Email Addresses 

There are now three new, non-monetary payment types for creators to add to their videos: “Require Sign-Up,” “Request Sign-Up,” and “Open.”


Thanks to this update, Fair Observer can now release videos for free, or request that the viewer sign-up for a Gbox account in order to view. This gives Fair Observer access to their viewer’s name and email address, helping them grow their subscriber list and online community. Now they have the opportunity to send their followers emails with their latest fundraising videos, and ask for donations whenever they launch new initiatives.


  •  Require Sign-Up

With this option, viewers are required to sign-up for a Gbox account in order to access your video. Their information is stored under the “Customers” tab on your Gbox portal.

Hull FC, another all-star Gbox channel, releases “highlight reel” versions of their exclusive content, requiring the viewer to submit their name and email address in order to view. This information is stored on the back-end of their Gbox account and they are then able to send out hyper-personalized emails marketing the full-length, paid version of the content they saw.

This is perfect for their exciting “Top 10 plays of the week” videos. Via email and direct message on social media, Hull FC re-markets the full length match video to the viewers they see enjoying these free previews.

Gbox Pricing

  • Request Sign-Up

Viewer’s are requested to sign-up for a Gbox account in order to access the video, but they can also choose to skip this step.

Gbox Pricing

  • Open

The videos under this option are free for anyone to view without requiring sign-up or payment.

These semi- and completely open options are great for releasing short previews, or “trailers” of your videos. If you have some amazing, exclusive content, giving viewers the opportunity to see a preview of the content helps them make the decision to purchase.

HELLOSTAGE, an independent online platform for the classical music community, releases a combination of “Open” and “Require Sign-Up” videos on their blog. These videos are a great way to give their audience a sneak peek of the upcoming musical performances their artists around the world participate in.

For HELLOSTAGE, one of the best things about capturing their subscriber email addresses this way is that they can see the geographic location of their viewers and send them personalized emails inviting them to live-performances and events happening in their city. They offer discount coupons, exclusive VIP access, and more relevant video content to viewers depending on their purchase behavior and location.

The Power To Choose

All of these new pricing features are integrated into the pricing section of your Gbox portal. In the pricing area, you will now see a new tab at the top of the screen under the header, “What do you want to receive from viewers to allow viewing this content?”

Gbox Pricing

We really love the opportunity that these non-monetary pricing options give our Gbox creators. How many other platforms are able to boast giving you a direct line to your viewers?

With so much noise in the online sphere, if you are able to interact with individual members of your community and offer them content that is tailored specifically to them and their needs, you are building a deeper connection than your competitors who send out generic emails to their whole list.

For Fair Observer, HELLO STAGE, Hull FC, and all of our awesome video content creators, their audience is already interested in what they have to offer since they’re opting-in with their email address. The next step is to keep an open line of communication with these viewers and reach out to them when you release relevant, paid content.

For your video channel, these videos easily embed across social media platforms, websites and into your emails. We suggest releasing videos with different pricing strategies, and see what your audience responds best to.

As always, your Gbox experience is 100% in your hands, customized to your needs as a creator.

We’d love to hear any feedback you have on these or any other Gbox features. Please email us at feedback@gbox.com, or leave a comment below!

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