5 Compelling Insights: How and Why Pro Partnerships Increase Video Exposure

By Sweta Patel

Let’s face it – you’re in one of the most competitive industries on the planet, and it can be a bloody battle to surpass the others.


As it turns out, there’s a quite counter-intuitive way to market better, increase video exposure, and earn more loyal fans…without stomping on the heads of your competitors!


If you’ll be joining us at VidCon, you’re about to receive an incredible opportunity to network with other video professionals. There’s never been a better time to discover the little-known strategy called “value co-creation”.


Co-creation involves multiple video creators or businesses entering a mutually beneficial relationship.


The Gbox Pro That Mastered Co-Creation

We understand it’s a nail-biting experience to enter new business partnerships, but we have a Gbox Pro who wants to share his compelling reasons why and how you should!


Jesse Nye, host and lead producer of Spot, spent months (and a lot of cash) promoting his series and clips on YouTube and Facebook. His audience was loving his content…but his bank account was shrinking.




In collaboration with Gbox, Jesse realized that he was missing out on an incredible opportunity that could provide the solution.


He decided to take a leap of faith and test out the results of co-creation for his brand. His goal was expand his audience of dog-lovers and support his business with a stronger revenue stream.


We asked Jesse to share the top five reasons co-creation was worth the risk, and how he strategically used his partnerships to make significant headway with his video business. Check out his insights!


1. Business Savvy Video Entrepreneurs Can Help One Another

At Gbox, we have a term for our savvy, spirited online video content owners and producers. We call them “New Media Entrepreneurs.” Jesse is one of them, and our platform was designed specifically to give video professionals like him the freedom to distribute and profit from their content with any business model they want.


He chose to strategically build partnerships with other Gbox users that could mutually benefit from collaboration and shared promotional efforts.


“A lot of people see me as a video personality these days, but first and foremost I’m a business man. When I started getting into the world of online video, I noticed right away that there were tons of “successful online stars,” but not a lot of them were thriving financially.


So I started to question whether starting a show and somehow ‘rising above all the rest’ was more of a fantasy than a worthy endeavor. That’s where I was at when I started looking for creative marketing and advertising techniques that were more realistic in nature.


The Gbox team shared how some creators were choosing to co-create, and I started to consider it. I figured if I could share my audience with a similar brand and they share my show with their audience…well, that’s a win-win for both of us. I could earn more loyal followers and increase my bottom line.”




2. Selecting the Best

So you’re sold on the idea of co-creation…but how do you choose how and who to partner with?


Here is how Jesse did it.


“First and foremost, I had to do a lot of networking with other creators to find a pool of people that I admired for various reasons. Since the online video industry rarely meets in person, I hit the jackpot by attending VidCon.


It sounds silly, but I went to the conference with a list of people I was hoping to connect with. The list was built mostly by researching brands that have a similar, pet loving audience.


I did get to meet some of the people on the list, and I ended up making several coffee dates while we were all in town for the conference. One of them was a vet who liked to do educational online videos, and we ended up creating a long lasting partnership that’s been extremely valuable.


Gbox allows us to bundle videos any way we want, so we each have a category on the other person’s Gbox channel, and we share customers back and forth that way.”




3. Double Your Value and Increase Your Audience

Jesse mentioned one partner strategy that he uses – hosting partner videos. Before entering into co-creation with the vet he mentioned, his channel simply offered dog training videos and information about the his product.


By involving another creator, he doubled the content available on his site. This was at no financial cost to him, and the credibility and value that Spot acquired cannot be quantified!


His dog training videos served the same purpose for his co-creator, and both found that their partnership increased their video views and sales.


In addition, both Jesse and the vet agreed to plug each other’s products. They continuously spread the word in a way that looks very good to consumers, since the information comes from authorities and is not self-promotional in nature.


When you come together with other creators, brainstorm creative ways to help each other and add value for your niche audiences. When you are working with the right minds, you will find that your capacity to come up with innovative ideas is exponentially greater!



4. Cut Your Marketing Costs

Whether your videos promote a product, educational content or your personality (or a mixture), you are likely spending a pretty penny on marketing.


Partnering with other video businesses gives you exposure in return for non-monetary benefits. By building effective co-creative relationships, you may find that your need for paid advertising decreases.


In addition, some partnerships may lead to cooperative advertising efforts. Jesse and one of his partners strategized their paid ads so that each of them only needed to spend half of what they were budgeting prior to joining forces.


Jesse’s strategy went like this: Each brand’s ad linked to its own Gbox channel. However, the video on the page was co-hosted and provided the information for the other partner, as well.


Both brands received exposure from each other’s ads this way.




5. How Gbox Can Help

We consider your success as our success, and we truly view each and every user as an individual partner of our own! Your needs are unique for your category, your niche market and your business model. We get that, and we are here for you with real, reachable humans.


The Gbox platform won’t restrict you on how you can partner with other creators or limit you as you customize your Gbox pages to support one another. You’re free to advertise what you want and with whom you want!


In addition, we have a team of real humans to assist you and answer any questions. You can reach us on our help forum, or you can reach out to me directly. We don’t just say that…we actually hope that you will!





That’s a wrap! When it comes to building partnerships, it’s just all about mutually investing in one another. The greater the investment, the greater the rewards!


We invite you to join us at VidCon – it’s the perfect place to network with other video professionals. Use #GboxV2V for VidCon posts, and whether or not you’re attending, let’s keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter!



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