5 Simple Ways to Sell Your Videos Like A Boss

By Sweta Patel

Face it, you are a passionate video creator and you’re a bonafide BEAST when it comes to producing videos all day, everyday. Promotion? Who cares, right?


Wouldn’t it be nice if you had your own personal promotion squad to do all the grunt work for you? The dream team who spend their long hours tweeting, hustling and shouting your praises to the high heavens? All at your barking orders?


Your dreamy master marketing force would remain a steady fifty steps ahead of you with awareness of ever-changing trends and precise expertise in how to sell your videos, who to sell your videos to, and when to sell your videos.


This is possible, but there is a cost.


Recently, we realized how tough it is for video creators to really make it with their videos. It isn’t easy.


That’s why we brought Sarah Shelby, an avid Scuba Diver and Superstar Video Creator, to our Gbox labs. She had a proven success story, and we wanted to hear it.


Sunny California welcomed Sarah into our Silicon Valley offices, where she shared how she was able to overcome her biggest obstacles and become really good at selling her videos.


Everyone has to start somewhere with their video business. After a year of what Sarah called “falling flat on her face,” she decided to start using the GBox platform.


When Sarah first started using Gbox, she was suspicious that this could REALLY be the tool to springboard her towards making real money with her videos. We had to convince her to come back many times.


She was ready to give up, but we saw such potential that we couldn’t help but encourage her to press on. Now she is selling videos like a boss!  


Here is how she is just killing it in the video space:


Niche Forums Have it All

There is Target and then there are specialty stores like Party City. If you were looking for party favors, where would you go?


Without realizing it, Sarah was placing her content in the “Targets” of the internet. Her videos were getting lost in the sea of stuff while she tirelessly promoted her videos to people who didn’t really care.


She thought her videos were just not good enough. We suggested she try niche forums related to scuba diving as a special interest. She started conversations in these forums:



Each day she went into these forums like a listener ready to conquer the world…silently. She got into the heads of other scuba divers and the day-to-day problems they face. She answered questions insightfully. Her normal routine would entail doing this about five to six times a day.


Forum Answer png


Pro Tip from Sarah:


Create an excel sheet of your top five niche forums and serve at least two people a day in each forum. Give these people insight, direction, and advice. Shine like a leader your space…then slowly send them to your Gbox channel.


The best way to really execute this strategy is by participating in complimentary forums. These are forums that go well with your niche. For example, Sarah would go into travel sites like “Trip Advisor” and “Expedia” to help people who were looking to go Scuba diving on their next vacation. With the internet, there are endless possibilities.

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Never Question The Power of Quora


When Sarah first started she got so fed up with Gbox and its inability to promote that she was about to step off the roster. She just didn’t see the value and she didn’t have an audience who loved her insight on Scuba Diving.


She wanted to build a list on a $0 budget. Initially she started searching for free ways to build a list using Quora.


Then a big light bulb went off in her head.


She thought, “If I‘m looking for insight and information on Quora, other people must be looking for answers to their questions, too. I love getting all of this advice on how to build my list.”


Each of the answers seemed to point Sarah back to her Gbox channel.


This is when she took on the challenge and started answering questions left and right on Quora. She would answer and provide insight on at least five to six questions a day. Then she would calmly drive people to her Gbox channel, either in her intro or using a direct link in her signature.


Quora Answer



Pro Tip: Start by answering five to six questions a day on Quora in your niche. Track all the questions you have answered in an excel sheet. Sometimes you can repurpose your answers.


By doing this, you can answer at least 60 questions a month! As a result, you’ll watch as your connections increase and your list grows. Do not forget the extra link in the signature.


When Serendipity Favors Video Creators


Have you ever met someone where you felt it was love at first sight? Is this possible or is it just a myth? Who knows, but we all seem to nonchalantly accept the idea of serendipity and how things just seem to come about in the right place at the right time.


Sarah figured this principle would ring true for her videos. She had to deliver the right message, to the right audience at the right time. She also had to be able to understand her target audience and what they wanted from her.


If they passed on what she had to offer then she then she realized she had the wrong audience and she had to move along and continue her search.


This is when she focused on building connections on large third-party platforms and started sending out surveys. There are several free survey creation tools online. Check out Typeform and SurveyMonkey!


She would use the “Find a Friend” feature under Friends via Facebook.


Find a Friend


Then she would search for people who were located near her via the toolbar that popped up on the right.


Facebook Location Search


Then she would send them a message with a survey so she can learn about her connections and what they do.


personalized FB message


Here is an example survey she would send out:




She connected with 50 new people via Facebook every week and started sending them surveys.


Pro Tip: If you understand your target audience’s problem better than they do, then you will win every time! They will listen to you! How well do you know your core audience’s problem? Do you think you can explain it to them better than they can explain it themselves? Yes, that’s all it takes to win them over!

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Personalities with a Punch Rock!


Vanilla personalities just don’t cut it anymore. Vast amounts of information on the internet don’t help.


Of course, that is it! Information isn’t scarce anymore, it is ubiquitous! People are not as lacking in information as they are in focus. You need their focused attention, so how will you capture it?


Sarah keeps going back to the saying ”content is king, it is all about creating more content.”


At the same time, Sarah recognizes that this is only half of the equation. Content is becoming convoluted. This isn’t the 90’s when information was so scarce that colleges had to send all types of brochures and items to inform students.


Information isn’t hard to find, but focus is.


Sarah realized this the minute she started using the top five major social platforms: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Tumblr. She saw that there was a myriad of information out there, even on her very own topic. How could she stand out?


She started using funny props and created a whole comedy TV show around scuba diving as a hobby. It was a show by scuba divers, for scuba divers.


Sarah would record a weekly podcast to go with her show and send it out each Friday morning. Her A/B testing showed this was the best time to send out the email.


Why? On Friday her audience tended to be super ready to leave for the weekend and hungry for some inspiration to keep up their energy at work. Sarah provided a little bit of extra humor to bring life to their day. Her A/B testing also helped her discover that Wednesdays were another viable day for broadcasting her show.


Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to stand out and be funny. Try different props and themes to help you stand out from the crowd. What can you do to shed light on your uniqueness? What is something your viewers can go to you for? This has to be something laser-specific that is oriented with your niche.

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Humanize your Brand


This generation of buyers is bombarded with “Stuff.” As a result, consumers do not simply buy “stuff” anymore. If you want to sell to them, you have to reach them on a deeper level.


Because what people buy in on is actually an emotional connection they have built with certain lifestyles and brands.


They make purchases that are an extension of their own unique story. This is how your customers choose what they wear, what car they drive, the choices they make about their coffee and so on.


Based on this story, individuals are able to shape their own personal brand. How will you shape others to be a part of your personal brand?


Sarah demonstrated this through her participation in niche forums. She was able to capture an audience and build her list simply by adding a human touch element to her videos.


In her videos and throughout her brand she showcases the “scuba diver lifestyle” and what really represents scuba divers. People are able to relate to her choices and her brand because it is an extension of their very own.


She carefully listens to her audience’s preferences and strategically looks for ways to infuse those elements into her own brand. By doing so, Sarah delivers the ultimate scuba experience and stands out amongst the commotion.


Her #1 listening tool? Twitter.


Sarah has joined 40 lists for scuba divers on Twitter. Each one helps her collect data and build credibility within the scuba community as she actively engages with professional tips, videos and advice.


As of 2015, Twitter does not have a search tool to find lists, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered!


To find a Twitter list in your niche, use a Google X-Ray search.

  1. Go to Google.com
  2. Enter the following in the search engine: site:twitter.com inurl:lists <your keyword>
  3. Click on a list and select “Subscribe”


BONUS TIP: When looking at a list profile in Twitter, check out the “More Lists By…” feature in the left side of the list profile. Have at it and subscribe away!


Scuba Lists



How to Use Twitter Lists


Pro Tip: Join the top 40 Twitter lists that relate to your niche and listen to the audience closely. Find what they want and how you can add those elements to your brand. How can you deliver the “human touch” that will extend or appeal to their growing story?

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A HUGE thank you goes out to Sarah for coming in to share your insight with our other creators on the GBox platform!


How are you using these elements to sell your videos? Share below!






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