5 Ways Rising Vine Stars Can Leave Competition in the Dust

By Sweta Patel

We’ve all gotten used to the idea of instant celebrities via short videos (Justin Bieber, anyone?) – but did you ever imagine that an itty-bity six seconds could catapult you from complete obscurity to viral star status?


The Vine movement continues to rock the video-sharing world. But have you seen the problem with it yet?


A Vine star can have millions of followers and yet no followers at the same time… no list, no real names. No way to make money directly. How can this be?


Celebrities tend to stay on the platform where they got started; it’s a comfort zone. Well, what if we told you that you could continuously push your followers over to a new platform…a place where they can see MORE of you. A place that will tell you who they are and allow you to begin monetizing on them?


That’s what Gbox offers.


Gbox is currently on the hunt for its own top stars through its Media Mogul Incubation Program. What’s in it for you?


A lot.


  1. Monetize Your Vine Videos


You already have an audience who loves what you do. They can’t get enough of your content. Now it is time to take it up a notch.


One rising Vine Star, Max, created a comedy channel on Vine that he named,“MaxUp! Stand Up.” He spent a lot of time on it and built a following of a few hundred which was cool…but he knew that life could be more feasible if he could practice his passion on a platform that made him the star each time he uploaded.


That’s what Gbox does.


Max discovered he could build an actual thriving business out of all the work he was already doing.


Gbox made it possible for Max to start monetizing his content and therefore enabled him to financially support doing what he loves most!


Your Gbox channel is your own online real estate, empowering you to choose what you want to charge your visitors for and what you want to give away.


How easy does Gbox really make it?


Step 1: Publish Your Video Content…Like a Pro (‘Cuz you are)


How to Publish a video on Gbox


Step 2: Price Your Videos…Like Aladdin (As You Wish)


How to pick a price for Gbox content


Step 3: Profit From Your Content…Like a Boss (A Gboss)

 How to Cash Out in Gbox


Yes, it is that easy to set up shop and start making money off of your video content. Think about it! If you have a thousand viewers willing to pay $3.00/month to see more of your videos…that’s three thousand dollars a month!


Why not use your “six seconds” on Vine to rope them in…then send them to your Gbox channel to get more!?


This will allow you to do the things you’ve always wanted, like buy that sweet camera or go make videos from Fiji!


  1. Create an AMAZING Bundle


With Gbox, you can get more out of the videos you’ve already made.


It is time for you to start looking back at your most “popular” videos and compiling them into one super catchy, fun video. Videos like this are GREAT for creating instant fans out of first-time viewers!


Such compilations can be used on a homepage to showcase who you are and instantly hook people on your stuff! These videos are also a tool, much like a reel, that you can (and SHOULD) use to quickly highlight the potential of your videos in a business setting.


On another note, how about bundling up all your content into multiple different pieces? This enables you to group videos together based on themes for your content. You will start seeing that your diverse audience doesn’t all want the same thing. Grouping the videos caters to their personal preferences.


So how can you achieve this?


Gbox has a really cool bundling option that allows you to create different packages.


For example, Max has created a string of outrageously funny Vine videos featuring his dog, Peter, “commenting” (in Max’s voiceover) about politics. In total, Max has four different types of comedy, so he utilized the “bundles” feature and organized his Gbox Channel to reflect them.


How MaxUp! Bundles Content


When picking categories or “themes” for your own content, just ask yourself, “which audience would appeal to each of your different genres?” Then test it and find out by bundling your content into different packages.


You will naturally expand your audience when viewers can quickly find exactly what they’re looking for.


  1. Nurture Your List Through Events


Now you have a following and you are almost famous! Whoa there, when did all this happen? You need to get organized fast! How will you keep up with the rush?


Now that Gbox has allowed you to build a following you can access and reach out to, you’ve got your very own, very coveted list.


It’s time to get personal with your audience. You are no longer just “famous” on one centralized platform. This time around, you OWN your fame and your audience. How will you engage with them?


Max has found emails to be an effective way of bringing his viewers back again and again. He knows most of them come from Vine, so he tailors his messages to their liking: short and funny!


Here are a few examples of how Max uses emails to engage his audience:

 Email Mock 1

 2nd Email from MaxUp! to fans


3rd Email from MaxUp! to fans


When you message your fan base they will engage with you. We don’t just mean send them a “Weekly” newsletter with all your happenings.


You need to make them feel two things (Hint: This is going to be the secret sauce for your entire video business): exclusive and involved.


If they are your fans, they want to feel connected to you in any way possible. How will you provide them with opportunities to be a part of your brand?


Here are some ideas:


  • Send them survey questions
  • Ask them to participate in a cause event
  • Invite them to send photos and/or video comments
  • Retweet your audience’s posts
  • Mention fans by name in your videos
  • Offer exclusive prizes (like lunch with you) for local fans


What types of people resonate with your style? How will you make them feel like VIPs?


  1. “Golden Times” with Your Audience


Remember how special you felt if/when dad or mom took time away from their busy lives to spend quality one-on-one time with you? This is exactly how you want to hyper-personalize for your audience.


Make them feel as though you really, sincerely care about them. Give them the warm feeling that others don’t deliver. This is how good parents build lasting relationships with their kids, and it’s how YOU build lasting loyalty with your audience.


We recommend you surprise them when they least expect it. This means randomly send them a tweet to show your appreciation. Or give them a personal Skype Call and invite them to meet you for lunch.


When fans receive this type of recognition from the star, they stay loyal forever.


They’ve already made the connection with you. All you have to do is amplify the connection and make it stronger. This is part of what we call humanizing your brand. Share the “golden times” with them and watch them stick around till the end.


Skype Call


  1. Brand SWAG


When you build your brand as a rising star, keep three things in mind: reach, engagement and conversion. We have already covered the reach and the engagement. Now it is about time to bring in some solid conversions.


When you create swag around your brand you are essentially building your own marketing army. They will promote all day long, allowing you more opportunities to do three things as a rising star:


  1. Collect contact information
  2. Grow your fan base and list
  3. Get them to help you build a community around your brand!


Here are some fun examples of SWAG MaxUp! is using:

 MaxUp!'s swag


That covers all the major ways Gbox is set up to allow viral video creators to leave competitors in the dust.


If you ever leave Vine, your audience doesn’t come with you. Once you leave YouTube, your audience vanishes in the dust. However, if you ever decide to “leave” Gbox, you are free to take your audience with you. It’s yours.


Do you think you have what it takes to be a Gbox star? Find out by clicking here!

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