5 Ways to Boost Online Video Subscribers

By Chelsea Stitt

If you’re in the business of creating online video content, you’re likely working day and night to produce quality content and increase both paid and free subscribers to your channel. You’ve gone through the rigorous process of constructing, molding, and revamping your idea until you truly believe that your product is the one. You may be getting likes, views, and even some comments – but you’re still struggling for that golden nugget: subscriptions. The issue is converting those thousands of eyeballs into longtime subscribers.

Some may get lucky and land a bunch of subscribers with a viral video. For the bulk of videos creators struggling to boost their online subscriber base, here are 5 tips:

1) Focus On Quality and Consistency

quality and consistency

Posting quality video content on a consistent basis can make your subscription base balloon. And if you have a solid video monetization strategy in place, that subscriber base can turn into some serious revenue. Consider that:

So what does “Quality” mean?

“Quality” is an admittedly vague word, especially when it comes to video content. You can find dozens of videos that have earned thousands of views that would be considered low quality in terms of both their production and editing value. While quality doesn’t necessarily equate directly to video success, producing a polished product to your viewers will communicate professionalism and credibility. Shooting in HD, producing content no lower than 720p, and investing in a decent lighting kit and editing software will help you create beautiful, high-quality videos to entice subscribers.

How About “Consistency?”

“Consistency” is a much more concrete concept here. We are simply talking about creating, publishing, and sharing your video content on a regular schedule. Not only does this keep current subscribers satisfied, it also shows potential subscribers that your video channel is consistently updated with top-notch videos.

Filmmakers, artists, and other creatives can be notoriously disorganized and sporadic – don’t let that be you. There is no shortage of online scheduling tools and apps, most of them free. Use these tools to help you plan, visualize, and stay on track with your video creation. The important thing is to stick to your production schedule, whether that’s producing video content every day, every week, or once per month. Your subscribers will become accustomed to your publishing scheduling and anticipate your content, so irregularly publishing your content is likely to throw them off.

2) Grow Your Community


Building a community around your channel and videos can be just as important as creating engaging content. According to Seth Godin, the online world today is based around the “Connection Economy.” Seth gives four pillars that make up the Connection Economy:

  1. Coordination
  2. Trust
  3. Permission
  4. Exchange of Ideas

More importantly for video creators are the two principles upon which these four pillars are based: “Generosity” and “Art.” Godin believes that no trust or connection can be built with a selfish person, and that few people will want to connect with someone who isn’t doing something real, personal, or with passion.

How to Go About Growing Your Community

Taking each of Seth’s four pillars as our model, building up your community as a means to boost your subscriber base might look something like this:

1. Coordination

Start by reaching out to other content curators and establish a relationship with like-minded individuals that are willing to co-create content or feature your video content on their own channels. If you create instructional fitness videos, for example, seek out influencers and creators in nutrition, physical therapy, yoga, sports training, etc. When you partner with other video creators in similar or complementary verticals, you’re effectively broadening your range of exposure and increasing your chances of earning new subscribers.

2. Trust

Never, EVER make your first connection to a fellow creator or influencer an “ask.” That’s a quick way to get labeled as a spammer, lose credibility in your field, and ultimately dissolve trust among your piers. Instead, personally engage with a community, provide real value to the people you want to connect with, and build up trust in a community over time.

3. Permission

As you start to build your community and establish trust among creators and viewers alike, you will open the door to have “permission” to promote your own video content to them. This may come in the form of a partnership with another creator, or a direct marketing approach to new viewers. Either way, you need to be delivering relevant messages to a community of people who actually want to receive them.

4. Exchange of Ideas

When you connect with video creators and influencers, engage in the video creation and filmmaking community, and provide value of your own in the form of thoughts, feedback, or actual content, you are effectively exchanging ideas. This is essential because it creates a network of people who are interested in what you are doing and will pay attention to you when you have something to say – or a new video to show them.

3) Interact with Your Subscribers

video fans

With Cisco predicting that video will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019, much of our virtual interaction will be via video comments, tags, questions, etc. Of course, as a video content creator, this is exactly what you want to hear! But there’s a catch – in order to be successful during this shift to video-centric engagement, you need to put audience interaction at the forefront of your video channel strategy.

Effectively Interacting with Your Subscribers

Start by replying to anything and everything that someone says about your videos. Even if you get some negative comments, responding to all individuals will help give your video channel some personality. As your subscriber base continues to grow (that’s the goal, right?), replying to every comment will become much more difficult. That’s the price of online video fame. Do your best to maintain an open line of communication with all your viewers, and you will see the results in life-long subscribers.

One thing to keep in mind is to strike a balance between responding to one-off comments from new viewers and maintaining a healthy relationship with existing subscribers. If you’re obsessed with only bringing in new visitors, your current subscribers may feel neglected. Find the balance between reaching out to new fans and strengthening your relationship with existing subscribers. A good idea is to recognize your loyal subscribers by giving them a periodic shoutout in your videos. You can also come up with a “subscriber loyalty” program that rewards long-time subscribers and entices new viewers to subscribe.

4) Create a Killer Landing Page Around Your Video

easy site navigation

0.05 seconds. That’s how long it takes for a visitor to form a first impression when they reach your landing page. Given such a small window to make a visual impact, it’s easy to see why no one will remember visiting a standard, run-of-the-mill page. In the same way that people will quickly hit the “Back” button when they land on an awful website, the look and feel of your video channel page will be a big factor in determining whether or not a visitors decides to click “Play.”

Tips for Creating a Solid Landing Page for Your Video Content

  • Establish some type of branding for your video channel. This could be a logo, color scheme, imagery, etc. The goal is to create some visual consistency so visitors know exactly where they are the moment they hit your video page.
  • Remove any non-essential components of your landing page that may distract visitors from your video content. This includes side bars, pop-up ads, banners, etc.
  • Keep it simple and focus on your featured content. Hull FC Live does a good of job this by placing their featured video content above the fold with nothing else in the vicinity to compete for viewer’s attention.
  • Make your video landing page mobile friendly. Around 50 million people watch video on their mobile devices in the U.S. alone, with 15% percent of all online video hours globally being viewed on tablets and smartphones. The platform you use to create your video landing page should display your content display flawlessly to your subscribers, regardless of which device they’re using.

5) Utilize Social Media to the Fullest


Social media is your best friend when you’re attempting to increase your online video subscribers. Perhaps you’ve already built up a large following on Twitter or Facebook – UTILIZE THESE SOURCES! If you don’t have a solid social media following yet, begin the process of cultivating one now, and grow your social audience into a valuable asset for your video channel. Think of it as a cycle – creating awesome video content will lead to more viewers, which lead to more subscribers, who will share your future awesome content with even more new viewers.

Promoting Your Video Content Through Social Media

  • The type of video content you create will likely dictate the ideal social channel(s) to promote it. For example, if you’re videos are geared towards business professionals, LinkedIn is likely your best bet. If you produce a comedy video series, subreddit channels like Stand-Up Comedy and Funny Videos are great places to share.
  • Generally speaking, Facebook, Twitter, and Vine are solid options for sharing and promoting just about any type of video content you’ve created. These social channels have the user base, targeting capabilities, and infrastructure to allow video creators the ability to create some real buzz around their latest content.
  • Timing is key when sharing your video content on social media, and each network has it’s own ideal posting times. Quickspout created an awesome outline of the best days and times to post on various social networks, which we’ve broken down for you below:
    • Facebook – Thursday and Friday; 1pm and 3pm
    • Twitter – Monday to Friday (B2B) & Wednesday to Sunday (B2C); 12pm, 5pm, and 6pm
    • LinkedIn – Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday; 7am-8am, 10am-11am, and 5pm-6pm
    • Pinterest – Saturday; 8pm-11pm
    • Instagram – Monday; 3pm-4pm and non-work hours
    • Google+ – Monday to Friday; 9am-11am

A video hosting service that allows seamless embedding can help to maximize your social potential, as it allows you to instantly update your social media channels with video content once it’s posted. With Facebook videos garnering more engagement than shared YouTube links, the power of video on social media is growing rapidly. Leverage your current social media community, share great videos to increase that community, and work on turning Twitter followers and Facebook likes into video channel subscribers.

Wrapping Up

Create content worth watching on an easy-to-use platform, interact with fellow creators and your viewers, and utilize every single social media and distribution channel within your arsenal. These tips may seem commonplace, but doing them consistently to the point of perfection is what separates the good online video creators from the great ones.. There are thousands upon thousands of creators coming up with the next big idea, tweaking each part of their video process to connect with new viewers each day. The ball won’t stop rolling – you just need to make sure you’re out in front.

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