7 Habits of Highly Effective Video Creators

By Sweta Patel

You have a passion and you have amazing content to support your passion, but how can you really build a proficient running video business? It takes a lot more than just content and an audience to develop a viable video business. Many of us have dreams about making a career out of selling videos online. Others of us are already doing it.


Two weeks ago we sat down with one of our top video creators Lucia from BreakFree Yoga! She has seen incredible results using Gbox and with her video business. However, she always struggled with the production costs. Even though she knew yoga was her passion, she was unable to build an audience for her videos. Lucia started to use third-party platforms and she realized that she had conditioned her audience to get free stuff all of the time. Her audience wasn’t used to paying for anything, but she really wanted to pursue her passion.


This is when Gbox came into play and we set-up her channel for her and encouraged her to sell her videos online so that she could continue pursuing her dreams. She already had a list of 600 buyers—and as soon as she realized people were actually buying, she started to grow her list. Now Lucia has thousands of members on her list and she has knocked it out of the park when it comes to selling her video content online.



As a result, Lucia has sold 5,000 copies of her content all over the web and here is what she had to say:


Habit #1 –Build a Consistent Video Content Editorial Calendar


BreakFree Yoga! Struggled when it came to creating new content on a consistent basis. This was part of the reason her audience expected it for free. She decided to build a content calendar with these categories:


  • Exact dates, times and deadlines for content types
  • Goals for each type of content
  • Themes and sub-themes for each month
  • Topics for each type of content
  • Medium for each content type


Every week she would create a list of all the viable content topics. She found the sweet spot for her audience was around three videos per week. How did she find this out? Lucia simply emailed them and asked: “How many times do you wish to view my content per week?”


After she filled out her content calendar she would consistently schedule everything into ASANA to be sure she met her deadlines.



Habit #2-Always be Promoting

Face it, creating video content isn’t easy and promoting it isn’t always easy. However, promoting your content should be 150% of your focus after production.

After BreakFree Yoga! got into the habit of promoting, she was able to see her revenue increase by nearly 40% in three days. How did she do it? And what can you takeaway?

Lucia already had an existing community on these third-party platforms; so she started by creating a series of different tweets and updates for each of the videos she was selling. These tweets and updates were different because they involved special promotions. The people who engaged with her most were also interested in her video content.

Here are a couple examples of how she framed her tweets via social media:





 4_facebook post

Here is Lucia’s promotion schedule:

  • 8 tweets per day, all scheduled in Hootsuite. (4 of them were promotional tweets for her videos and the other 4 were “shares” from her audience online
  • 3 Facebook posts a day (1 curiosity raising question and the other 2 were updates sending her audience to her Gbox channel)

Next, she started promoting in niche Facebook groups. She looked up “Fitness groups in Los Angeles” and joined all of them. There were nearly 22,000 people participating. Of course some of the groups had privacy setting, but every week she had a goal of answering and advising 25 different posts across all of the groups. And she would always recommend that they go to her Gbox channel. The audience was so fired up by her advice, that they would actually go check her channel out and buy her videos. Yes! Reciprocity rules! This should definitely be a goal on your roster!


5_facebook group

After posting in Facebook, she thought: “Why don’t I carry this out regularly on other forums as well?”


She went on a hunt to find the top populated forums in her niche. She started using:

Here is an example of her giving top notch advice to her audience and then sending them back to her Gbox Channel:


Thought leadership rocks! This is a great way to build your audience. Lucia recommends reaching out to 20 different forums each week in your niche!


Habit #3- Always Be Optimizing Your Channel

One top notch creator says: “You can never just set it and forget it! That is one of the easiest ways to failure when it comes to selling video content online.” How do you keep up in a world of noise? The best way to keep up is by consistently optimizing your channel.


Lucia optimizes her channel once a week. What does this mean? She gives her channel a mini tune-up.


She looks up her top 5 keywords on Google:

13_keywords screenshot


Then she creates video content based on keywords that aren’t too competitive. These are locally based keywords.

Her favorite tools for this process are:

Lucia recommends video creators to carry this out on a consistent basis. This means giving your content a tune-up every two weeks.

Bonus Tip: She also makes sure she uses keywords in the: title, description and tags of all her videos. She usually places the keywords twice in her description.


Habit #4- It is All About the Community Factor  

Who are you building your video empire for? If it isn’t for your audience, then you should get out of the business. Video businesses thrive with large audiences. The bigger the audience, the more money you will make selling your video content online.

How do you go about building your community? It really only takes one amazing follower. You take this to the next level by engaging and involving your community in every aspect of your business.


Here are Lucia’s favorite things to do:

  • Send them weekly surveys! She used Typeform to build all of the surveys. She would send out weekly surveys about her:
  1. Video content
  2. What her fans wanted to see more of
  3. How many times they wanted to be contacted
  4. And much more!




  • Spotlight Your Consumers: Again, it is all about reciprocity in the world of video. Make your consumers shine and they will love you forever. Lucia always featured one of her favorite customers in every email she blasted. She would write up a hyper-personalized blurb to the person’s interests and what she loved about them.


8_email blast


  • Always be on the search! Lucia really had to hunt for her niche audience on the web. She really wanted to build her own community within a decentralized platform. She wanted to own her community. This requires a bit of hustle, but it is worth it in the end. The top social networks have millions of people, try to connect to 10 people each day and watch your audience grow!


Habit #5-Always be Sharing

One-way streets can be fun, but life isn’t always a one-way street. Lucia started sharing content like crazy! She wanted to build her own empire, so she decided to put her best customers in the spotlight all of the time. Imagine trying to hunt down a journalist to write a story on you. This is exactly the type of loyalty you should be giving to your fan base on any third-party platform.
Here are just a few ideas for you from Lucia herself:

  • Share your top customers and influencers tweets five times a day.
  • Comment three times a day on influencer fan pages with insightful comments.
  • Submit a Sub-Reddit story three to four times a week to a niche audience.
  • Use Outbrain to promote your story all over the web three times a week.
  • Give, give, give more reasons for your fans to talk about you. (This can be through lead magnets, downloads, white papers, reports, and more.)




Habit #6- Always be Growing Your List

The biggest hurdle when it comes to selling your videos is growing your list. Here are Lucia’s secrets when it comes to list building online:

  • Consistently ask customers for their email address.
  • Use LeadBoxes so the consumers don’t miss out on your giveaway content. (Make it a goal to collect 50 names a day through your LeadBox.)
  • Send a free gift with every purchase of content. (The best things to giveaway are templates and resources.)


11_list build


Habit #7- Always Be Tracking

We know you are already promoting everywhere, but are you using UTM Tags via Google URL builder to track your traffic? This is one tool that helps Lucia track her traffic on a weekly basis. She uses it for all her sources of traffic. It allows her to see what is working and what isn’t.


Here are a few things she tracks with this tool:

  • Inbound traffic from her paid ads to her Gbox videos
  • Inbound traffic from her social networks to her Gbox videos
  • Inbound traffic from forums and niche groups to her videos


“Watch your traffic religiously and you will succeed!” – BreakFree Yoga!




Bonus! Habit #8 s- Have Fun With Your Content!

We all know that being passionate is the key to success, so don’t forget to have fun as you watch your video profits rise to the sky!

There you have it all seven tips from our very own success story BreakFree Yoga!

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Which is your favorite habit?


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