7 Steps To A New Stream of Income Through Meerkat and Gbox

By Sweta Patel

Everyone is talking about Meerkat these days! If you haven’t already heard, Meerkat is a hot new live-streaming social video app.


Online video content has been trending for quite some time now, and Meerkat is the latest app that brings together guerrilla marketing and brand awareness in real-time.


The biggest draw of the app is its instant syncing with Twitter that gives you a direct line to your audience.


And the biggest draw for Gbox users? The merging of Merkat and Gbox is a massive bottom line growth opportunity for your video empire.


Like Meerkat, Gbox gives you the direct consumer relationship that is missing from so many online platforms. Stored on the backend of your Gbox portal, you capture the information and buying behavior of all your viewers. This makes tailoring your content to them a viable way to increase your social reach, build a thriving community, and improve your content – plus it’s super easy to do.


Meerkat is the same. You can see and hear directly from the viewers who are engaging with you during your live stream and improve your content on the go.


We’ve put together this handy 7 step guide for you to see just how easy it is to merge Meerkat and Gbox.


The best part? We’re going to teach you how to make money from this powerful relationship.

Let’s get started!


  1. Sign up for Meerkat

Download Meerkat for your smartphone. On the Meerkat website, the rules are simple:

  • Everything streamed to Meerkat is linked to Twitter.
  • All the streams are live, with no reruns.
  • Anyone who creates a stream can save it to their device.
  • Anyone and everyone can watch a Meerkat stream on the web.

As a video-centric app, Meerkat pairs perfectly with the Gbox platform to turn your videos into profit. Follow along in the next 6 steps as we show you exactly how to do this.





  1. Host your first Meerkat live stream


Depending on your video channel/company’s theme, you probably already have an idea in mind for what sort of live stream topic will work for you. But just in case you’re stuck, we’ve put together a list of our top ideas, using the latest Gbox multi-channel network user, HELLO STAGE, as the case study.




  • Live event


Product launches, demonstrations and live events are taken to new heights of social involvement. Launch your product/service or host a live-event to demonstrate how awesome you are in real time. Viewers around the world are now given front row access to you and your brand.


HELLO STAGE, one of our newest Gbox case studies, has been testing out Meerkat as an opportunity to bring live musical events to a brand new audience.


HELLO STAGE is an independent online platform for the classical music community that brings together musicians and ensembles. Musicians use Meerkat to bring live performances and back stage access straight to viewers around the world. Perfect for audience involvement and collaboration, HELLO STAGE performers use Meerkat to get the audience’s input on their set-list before their performance, and give personal thanks and dedications to their friends and family.

Gbox tutorial



  • Makeup, art or tech tutorial


If you’re a makeup whiz, tech guru, or expert in your field, this is the perfect opportunity to show off your skills.


Use a Meerkat live-stream to answer your audience’s specific questions about your techniques and tips while you give them a live demonstration. This is the perfect social proof to convince them to purchase more of your videos.




  • Live Q&A Session


Bring your viewers behind the scenes with an exclusive Q&A session.


The personalized touch of a live Q&A session is exactly what you need to break down the barriers of the screen dividing you from your audience and help them get to know you better.


HELLO STAGE performers use Q&A sessions to connect with other musicians. They choose from questions asked by viewers during the stream to demonstrate their personal musical techniques, talk about what they do to prepare for performances, and more.


Best Practice: When you mention someone’s twitter handle during your live-stream, they are motivated to share the video with their networks to show off!



  • Interview with you or an influencer


Host an interview with your company’s CEO, one of your super fans, or another influencer you have a connection with. Answer questions asked by viewers during the stream, and respond to comments in real-time.


For journalists, use this guerrilla marketing tactic to reach a whole new audience with your news outlet. If you’re the first to capture a breaking news story as it happens, your channel’s authority is instantly boosted.


3. Sign up for Gbox



Now that you have an idea of the many uses of Meerkat, Gbox is the perfect way to monetize the live-streams you create.


If you haven’t already signed up for your own Gbox channel, what are you waiting for? It’s fast and easy to sign up, and you can get started selling your online videos literally in minutes.


4. Save and upload to your channel


This is where the Gbox/Meerkat partnership gets really interesting. Right now once a Meerkat stream is over, the video is only accessible to the owner of the video. Once the stream is done, it’s lost to everyone but the person who made it.


This is what makes Gbox the perfect solution. Once you’ve saved your live-stream, upload it directly to your Gbox channel where it is stored forever. Gbox gives you the opportunity to re-market the video to anyone who may have missed it and gives them the opportunity to re-live the experience.




Using Gbox, HELLO STAGE uploads all of their Meerkat live-streams within minutes after the stream finishes to share with their extended network. Especially with their worldwide users and audiences, this sharing tactic is especially attractive to viewers in different time-zones.


5. Choose a price point


Gbox offers three flexible pricing models for your videos. For these live-stream videos, we recommend using the “Name Your Price” or “Fundraising” model to empower viewers to pick their own price.


HELLO STAGE’s up and coming musicians have used the Fundraiser model on these videos to raise money for their concerts and album launches. They have seen thousands of dollars in donations come in through this stream that they would never have otherwise had!



6. Promote on social media


Now that your video is ready to be shared, embed your video across your social media networks and email it out to your email list.


A great aspect of Meerkat is that all of the comments and likes your viewers put on your live stream are automatically added to Twitter. Once your video is uploaded to Gbox, you can contact all the viewers who interacted with you during the stream and let them know that they have the opportunity to view it again on your Gbox channel!



HELLO STAGE sends out weekly recaps of all their top videos to their email list and shares them on their social media pages. This has been a hugely successful tactic for them in growing their twitter follower list and extending their social reach – not to mention put thousands of dollars in their pocket!


7. Build your video empire


The more videos you upload, the better! Engage your audience on a daily basis to keep them interested and up to date on the happenings of your company. Viewers want to be at the leading edge of everything new and exciting, and this is your opportunity to add your unique voice.


Nobody wants to be left out of the fun. This is one of the many benefits of uploading your Meerkat videos to your Gbox channel – it allows viewers to pay a small fee to join in on a live-stream they would have otherwise missed!




With Meerkat currently trending, this is one profit boosting opportunity you do not want to miss out on! Use this guide to create live-streams your audience will love and upload them to Gbox.


Have you used Meerkat yet? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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