8 Bullet Proof Reasons the Pros Choose to Own Their Video Space

By Sweta Patel

Would you spend your personal time, savings, and resources fixing up a rental that was only creating value for your landlord?

If someone else lords over the platform of your video business, you are essentially investing your time and effort into their company.

By hosting videos on third party sites you are like a renter. Even if the cost of rent is free or cheap, the investment you are making is not nearly as great as it would be if you were the owner yourself.

Public video sites like Youtube and Vimeo are top choices for sharing videos with a large audience. They are perfect for beginners, individuals, one-time video uploaders and those who simply don’t have the time or savvy to build a real business out of their content.

But that’s not YOU, is it? From pre-production all the way throughout post-production – you and your crew religiously put in hour after hour perfecting your work. You’ve even become somewhat of a marketing expert in your endeavor to be noticed, build a following and monetize your videos.

Gbox was created as a springboard for video producers like you to launch your business to the next level. We wanted to create a space for you that is all your own; a continuous platform where you can build a financially stable business with access to your subscribers.

Your content is not just a part of what you do…it IS what you do. Hence, it has become essential for you to build your own personal space in order to complete the brand, highlight your videos and grow your community.

Here are eight reasons why you should host your videos on a platform YOU own.

1. You Are the Boss of Your Traffic

When Teagan at Trip.0 got started with her travel web show, she had no idea it would become a full-blown business. She simply enjoyed making videos and travelling, so she put two and two together and started posting v-logs online for her friends and family.

The feedback she got surprised her – people LOVED her videos and wanted more. She researched basic marketing practices and began implementing them to increase her video views. Trip.0 started to really flourish…but she soon realized one big, fat catch.

Teagan’s hard-earned traffic as well as the bulk of the monetary rewards went straight to a third party.

Teagan decided that instead of putting all of her eggs in other people’s baskets, she would start her own basket. Gbox allowed her to do just that.

Now Trip.0 is a credible entity on it’s own channel. Instead of giving all of the rewards to other platforms, Teagan simply uses trailers and sneak peaks to drive traffic to her Gbox channel.





2. Your Site, Your Rules

When you own your own site for your content, no one tells you what to do. You are free to make the best decisions for your brand.

The design of your page, the content you post and the price point you put on your videos are just three examples of the many ways hosting on your own platform empowers you to create the most effective video business possible.




3. Platforms are Like Waves

Long long ago, in a faraway land, there was this thing called Myspace. I’m joking! It wasn’t that long ago. And that’s my point exactly.

There was a time when most of the people you know had a Myspace page. Most of these users were so accustomed to it that they couldn’t imagine life without it… until Facebook came along.

It is important to understand what a platform is…and what it is not.

Much like an app or new technology, video platforms may come and go. Sometimes they last and evolve. Other times they fade into the past and new startups surpass them.

At Gbox, you really do own your network. We protect our video creators from ever losing the fruits of their labor. While other platforms let you link to your personal page but keep your subscriber’s personal contact information under lock and key, we give you full access to your list.

And if in the future you choose to find a new home for your show, you take your fans with you.




4. Visibility Matters

Your own optimized site and channel give you the opportunity to rank on search engines and attract those who are searching for content creators. Those searching will come directly to you, where there is no competition and there are no hoops to jump through before they can contact you.

Chances are, many of your fans have found you via a third party platform. That is large online video communities like YouTube and Vimeo are great secondary platforms.

However, as your brand grows and you look to become a credible business, it is just as important that you have your own pages indexed on search engines.

Sponsors and investors became much more interested in Trip.0 once Teagan validated her business with strong search ranking proof. With new sources of funding, she found infinite room for growth.




5. It’s Just You, and More You…in a Good Way.

Most viewers on third party video sites browse top rated videos and watch as they please. Other times they search for a topic.

Lets say someone finds you by doing either of the above. Joe Shmoe watches your video, and he likes it. What is the call to action that Joe Shmoe is given from the third party?

Does the platform point him to your other videos? To other people’s videos? Or perhaps a mixture of both? No matter what the answer, you don’t have any control over this.

Snack viewers are not bad to have…but your loyal fans are much more valuable.

Your own platform will encourage people to become regulars because they are a fan of your content and of you as a person (if applicable). This is where real community is bred.



6. Monetize Your Video Content

When you own your platform, you can choose a price point for your content. Whether you want to provide it for free or not is your choice!

You can branch out and sell more than just videos, too.

As a travel show owner, Teagan realized her audience would benefit from additional products. She decided to start by publishing travel guides that would enhance her brand and increase cashflow.

Whether you want to monetize via sponsors, sales of books, e-books, webinars, courses or other methods…you have the freedom to do so when you host your own content.



7. Your Web Property is Real Estate (imagine selling it one day)

All of this talk about creating a valuable online business might mean more than you are imagining. A successful online video channel has a net worth and can be sold should you ever choose to move on from the business.

That is the power of ownership.

Instead of having to deal with new management when your third party changes hands, you will be the one calling the shots and making the money off of the exchange.



8. Promoting on Other Platforms is Still Possible

Just because you own your content on your personal site doesn’t mean that is the only place it can be promoted and viewed. Gbox is a hosting site that allows you to share your videos anywhere on the web.

Use third parties to drive new traffic to your site.




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