Announcing the Launch of Gbox’s Creators Portal!


3, 2, 1… Launch! Gbox is proud to announce the launch of our new Creators Portal. Now it’s easier than ever to sell your videos online at ZERO cost. You bring the content, Gbox handles everything else.

Upload videos to your library

You don’t have to start selling your videos today. You can start uploading videos to your library so that Gbox can format and process them. When you are ready to sell, your videos will be ready too!


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Price it your way

There are many pricing options to choose from. You can choose any price from 1¢ to $100 or more.

  1. Fixed Price lets you set one price to sell your videos to your viewers.
  2. Fundraising lets viewers watch your entire video. At any point during or after the video, people can make a contribution. With Fundraising, you can list a “Recommended amount.”
  3. Pay What You Want lets viewers decide how much they want to pay. You can help your viewers determine how much to pay by setting a “Minimum amount” and a “Recommended amount.”


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Create your own channel & video storefront

When you join Gbox, you will get your own channel webpage. You get to design your personal channel and sell your videos. If you have your own website or blog, that’s great. The more places that you distribute your content, the greater the chances to sell the content.




It’s FREE!

Yes, we have to say this again because it’s hard to believe. Gbox does not charge you for our services.

Your Content is Worth it! Sign up today: