Become a Bundle Builder: Create Content Packages that Work

By Sweta Patel

You know that feeling of delight you get when you receive a special present? Or better yet, the fun of receiving such gifts in bulk?


That’s the high your customers should experience when they shop on your Gbox channel.


For this to happen, your viewers need to believe that you are giving them something of value for less than what they value it at. That’s what bundles do.


We’re not talking about being cheap…no one wants a thousand useless knick-knacks from the dollar store no matter how pretty the package! Consumers are learners, and it’s your job to teach them that your content is worth something. Still, even billionaires love a deal. Being penny-wise may be how they got rich in the first place, after all!


So how does this apply to you?


New videos, archived videos, themed videos…there are so many ways to categorize your content within your video platform. Is there a right way? How can you create content packages that allow you to sell more?


As per usual, there is no easy answer.



Smart Ingredients Every Winning Video Bundle Needs


How you choose to bundle your content should be driven by the following:


  • A clear understanding of your audience
  • Targeted research of those who have successfully gone before you (this works best if they have a similar audience and product)
  • Use of A/B testing
  • Trial and Error


Large media channels like Hull FC Live choose to break their content up by type. They know their audience is made up of dedicated sports fans that are willing to pay to get up-close-and-personal with their favorite athletes.


Hull FC only sells two types of packages: Single Videos and Season Passes that grant access to ALL videos (talk about a bundle!!).


To add value to the Season Pass bundle option, Hull FC offers exclusive interviews and special footage in addition to archived matches. When consumers become involved on this level, they feel like insiders, and they keep coming back for more.


Screenshot of HullFC using categories for content


Individual entertainers like Max Morrison of MaxUp! often bundle their content by theme. Max uses four themes to attract different audiences who enjoy or favor some content types above others.


His three options include Single Videos, Bundles (by category/theme), and Season Passes (ALL VIDEOS in one package). Max found that he sells more videos on his platform when he offers them in this way. His audience is given the power to choose exactly what they want, and they like that.

 Screenshot of MaxUp! using content bundles on Gbox 

If you choose to group your videos like Max did, your next step is to choose categories. Keep the following in mind as you do so:


Continuity – do all of the videos you’re bundling make sense together? Is there a commonality among them?


Variety – do your videos offer enough variety to have more value than if the customer were to purchase them separately?


Value – how will I make it clear that the bundle option is a better deal than purchasing a single video?



Don’t Have Enough Videos For a Bundle?


There are several options for those who don’t have multiple videos.


For instance, if you have a long webinar or tutorial, you could break it down into “Part 1,” “Part 2,” and etc. You can also add other types of items to your bundle options (We will get into free gifts and downloadable items you can sell/include in just a little bit).


If you are in entertainment, consider partnering with other entertainers that have similar audiences. When Max first transferred his video over from Vine to Gbox, most of his videos were too short to sell.


He launched with just a few extended stand-up comedy pieces and, in order to use the bundling option, he reached out to several other Vine stars within the same genre. He invited each of them to provide their own extended comedy videos to be shown on his site.


Many of them were quick to jump on the opportunity as he offered to give them exposure on his channel. In return, Max got a plethora of content and the rights to sell it.

 Screenshot of MaxUp! using guest creators to add bulk to his content bundles


Preparing Your Bundle for the Ultimate Audience Experience


Most Gbox channels start off by offering nothing but videos. We can call this the “bread and butter” stage. However, as they grow, many brands see the opportunity to offer more.


Here are some ideas of how you can extend your brand (and your bundles) to add value and create a more sophisticated experience for your audience.


Add purchasable, downloadable versions to premium members

There are several audiences that love downloadable versions. Some of them are:

  • Educators who want to use your video as a teaching tool
  • Comedy consumers who want to listen to your content in mp3 format on the go
  • Music consumers who want to keep your videos and songs in their personal library
  • Sports fans that collect their favorite matches/games


Think about your audience and ask yourself, “how can I provide them with more?” How can you offer them new ways to experience your entertainment, information, downloadable items or other types of content?


Give a free gift

You can create an incentive for people to purchase in a bundle by offering a FREE bonus in return. It might be an exclusive video or some other form of media that makes sense for your industry. Are you an educator? It might be time to think about putting out an e-book. Are you a comedian? Offer a downloadable “best of” file.


The free item can (and probably should) be something that has a dollar value to your customers. Buyers should be able to see how much it would cost if they were to purchase the item either separately or in another bundle.



MaxUp! uses this free gift to add value to his content packages 


Right Bundle for the Right Audience at the Right Time


What content do you currently have that could be bundled together?


What items can you add to make your bundles more appealing to your target audience (Either by creating these items or inviting other creators into the process)?


Start by writing down ten different bundles you could offer. Then take a good look at your ten and then narrow them down to the top five most valuable options you could offer.


From there, send a survey to your current customers or target audience and ASK THEM which bundles would be most appealing to them.


Tip: Try using the decoy model to price your bundles. In this model, you offer one “middle item” that is clearly inferior in value. This item should be sandwiched between the low price item (single video purchase, perhaps) and the higher price item (Season Pass or full bundle). Research suggests that purchasers will be more likely to choose the full bundle when it is placed next to an inferior option.



That’s a wrap! What kinds of media and/or bonus gifts do YOU use to make your content packages irresistible? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to hang out with us on Facebook and Twitter @JoinGbox!

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