Breaking Down International Borders With The Latest Gbox Update

By Sweta Patel

As Gbox grows and expands, it has been simply astounding to see all the innovative ways our video creators have been able to customize and manage their Gbox experience.

We pride ourselves on offering the most flexible, personalized video distribution service available. But in order to keep pushing the boundaries, we need to continuously challenge ourselves to make the Gbox platform even more comprehensive.

One of our featured Gbox users, BreakFree! Yoga, has merged her neuroscience based yoga and coaching program with the Gbox platform in a very unique way.

Lucia Ray, the founder of BreakFree! Yoga, created a yoga and life-coaching program to help people around the world live their life dreams. Using Gbox, Lucia uploads yoga videos, meditations and visioning exercises to her channel and shares them on social media, her website and on her Gbox channel.

However, the BreakFree! Yoga program extends beyond just yoga videos. There are supplemental journals, written exercises, an online mastermind group, and individual coaching sessions that also come with the program. Lucia wanted to be able to connect directly with her viewers in order to offer them these supplements and up-sells to give them a more complete experience.

Direct Consumer Relationship Opens New Doors

With the latest Gbox update, Lucia now has a direct line to her viewers to capture their name and email address in order to follow up with these other aspects of her program.

Gbox Customer CRM


You can now get in-depth information about who has viewed which of your videos, all organized and updated in realtime to your Gbox portal. This information is beneficial for tailoring your marketing efforts, as well as gathering information about where your client base comes from. You can add these customers to your email list and market your new videos and content to them.

Gbox Customer CRM


This is the perfect opportunity for up-sells, sending out surveys to improve your content, let viewers know about upcoming events, as well as introduce them to different aspects of your company.


HullFC, another all-star Gbox user, uses this new update to hyper-personalize emails to their viewers who live in the region where the team plays. If they see that someone who has viewed one of their videos lives in the Hull/East Yorkshire area close to their home stadium, they can send that viewer an email offering a discounted ticket to an upcoming game.

Creating a unique and thriving community around your video channel is fundamental for increasing sales and fostering life-long supporters. With Gbox, we really do put the control in your hands for tailoring the Gbox experience to your brand. This direct line to your consumers is just one of the many ways we empower you to create and share your content on your terms.

Worldwide Currency Support

Gbox Worldwide Customer Support

The Gbox Pro portal now supports payments in nearly every currency worldwide. From the US dollar to the Indian rupee, you can price your videos in whichever currency best suits your target audience.


BreakFree! Yoga, being based online and catering to members around the world, has used this updated to price their videos in the currency that best suits their market. The best benefit of this feature is how easy it is to implement.


If a consumer wishes to pay in a currency that the video is not available in, all Lucia has to do is copy the video with a click of a button, and change the currency to whichever best suits her client. It’s literally that easy!

Gbox worldwide customer support


These updates make it easy for you to reach a larger audience than ever before. Online media should be accessible from anywhere in the world and Gbox is pushing the boundaries to make it not only possible, but the best experience available today.


We are so excited to see the new and creative ways our users are able to leverage these two improvements to the platform. Have an idea? Or have you already taken advantage of one or both of these updates? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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