How To Build A Thriving Online Video Community


 Online Video Community


Are you a brand who relies on different social networks to build your community? The whole idea behind building a community starts with your website. Why would you want to build a community on your website? You want to build a community around your website so you can call it your own. Social networks should serve as a place to recruit people and to build interest. Say one of these social networks were to go downhill, then what? Your whole audience base would be wiped out.


One of the most viable ways to build an audience on your website is through video selling based on value-added content.

As I mentioned before, social networks should serve as a way to attract people to your website. Think of social networks as a search engine. You are data mining for the right audience and once you have your audience, you can equip them to drive others to your community. We primarily use value-based content through video to drive leads to the website. Once they see all the value we have to offer, they are automatically incentivized to find out what more we have to offer them.

For example, we use cutting-edge marketing content to help small business owners grow their business. We use for our backend to help us monitor our analytics and payments we receive for the content. Then we use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to search for people and connections that may be a good fit for our content. We invite them to book an appointment through our website, so we can onboard them show them how we can help them.


Where do you get started?


Friends and Family

You want to start by emailing your friends and family. This is a personable email, which is created manually. At first, you won’t scale using this method, but over time it will add up and your community will appreciate it. Everyone has to start somewhere and the best way to start is by inviting your friends and family. This will give you a chance to test your video content to see how it can be improved before you invite others.

Here are a few quick tips on how you can increase the amount of views on each video and expand your community:


Goal Invite

Only ask them to invite someone after they have reached a success milestone on the platform. For example, with GBox, we would only ask them to invite others if we saw that they were monetizing their video. Why? This will enable the initial trust factor within the community.


Specific Invites

Get specific on who you want them to invite. This will help them eliminate the guessing game. It will also help your community recruit qualified people. For example, if you only want marketers within your community, then simply ask them to invite 3 or 4 of their best marketing friends.


Limit the Number of Invites

Remember, scarcity triggers people to want more of it. This means limit the number of invites they are able to send out. Otherwise, they will not be incentivized to use it, because the exclusivity factor is no longer in place.

Test the Video Content Community

Opinions and reviews matter more than ever before. As mentioned before, ask them to invite others to test the platform to see what they perceive of it. You only need to ask them to invite 2-3 people at most so you can build that initial rapport with them.



Just like anything else, you want to ask them to follow-up with their invites. In most cases, people don’t do things with the first ask. If they don’t answer with the first invite, then send them a reminder email to follow-up with who they invited.

Now we challenge you to create a trailer around your video content and other materials your community can use to educate those they invite. The less work they have to do, the better.



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