Content Selling on a $0 Budget

By Sweta Patel

Individual creators dream about being able to make money from their passion. However, it is often a lonely and difficult road to success when you decide to follow your dreams. When starting your own business, there are many different aspects to juggle, logistics to figure out, and factors to consider. This is why content selling is a great way to merge your passion with revenue generation.

What does this mean for you?

You’ve got a great vision, and you’ve started producing some top-notch videos. However, your sales are underwhelming, or you’re having difficulty building your audience. This is where content marketing comes in.

When you start creating valuable, life-enhancing content that you give away for free, you are giving prospective buyers a glimpse into your world and what you offer them to improve theirs. Simply posting links for them to buy your videos, products or services is not enough. You need to create a story and a movement around your brand. We recommend doing this the same way you already do: create great content!

One of the best ways to promote content without a budget is through re-purposing it. Guerrilla content marketing refers to simple ways of re-purposing content without having to create new content all the time and spend lots of money doing so.

Recently, video has been adopted on major social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Your content marketing strategy should involve these two social networks, as well as other marketing tactics.

So let’s start by looking at some great ways to make this work for you.

Addressing customer issues:

More and more of our content is coming from answering customer inquires. We turn the answer into a video blog, or a written blog (better yet, we do both to reach even more people!) and include fun facts, anecdotes and useful resources. We get questions all the time about the challenges our audience faces, questions about our team working behind the scenes, and insight into what makes a good video – the options are endless for us to address. When we talk about the question and the personal story behind who sent it (if we have that information), we are engaging our audience on a personal level and building trust with them.

Customer and Executive Profiles:

This is something we just started to carry out and have seen some great results. We started to learn more about our customers and who they are, what their biggest challenges are, how they solve them and what their vision is for the future. We turn these into videos and blog posts to be distributed through our website and social media networks. People love to experience real, human connections, and what better way than to feature real people?

We have also been featuring our executive team and their success stories to help inspire our audience. We live in an “inspiration sharing” world and people just cannot get enough of inspirational content.

Influencer Diaries

We are fortunate enough to work with some of the best of the best in the video creation field. When we work with someone who is an expert in their field, we love to ask them about what their biggest challenges are, what the future of the industry is, their worst mistakes and their greatest successes. We turn this information into awesome content that we share through our social media channels. When you share something valuable with your audience, they will come back for more of your information, and will be motivated to buy your content!

Product Hunt Works Like A Charm!

Consumers love to learn about new resources that will help them in their lives. A great way to make your content sales worthy is to share the resources and tools that you use. If you have experience (positive or negative) and something helpful to share, your audience will learn something and be motivated to come back for more. ProductHunt is a great tool to carry this out. You can also use: Klout, BuzzSumo, Topsy and SlideShare to find “Best of” lists and aggregate them.

Think Others First

Another focus you may want to consider is other people’s content. There are a countless number of Twitter Lists out there, blogs, LinkedIN Pulse Articles, SlideShare presentations, and much more. All you have to do is aggregate the content you find most relevant to your audience and share it while adding your personal voice and spin.


Best Practice: Ping all the sources you aggregated the content from and let them know you are going to share it with your audience. This is a great way to approach them and build a relationship. This usually excites others (knowing their content is being shared), is a great way to leverage other people’s existing networks, and brings your audience value at the same time.

Testimonial Videos

These videos can be created through customer stories, questions you’re asked all the time, and customer reviews. These customer reviews are based on stories of what your customers thought of you, before they started and how they felt after using your product or service. This content can be repurposed into SlideShare presentations, tweets, video interviews and even blog posts.

How To Succeed (Your Niche)

Everyone wants to learn about how they can improve. Another content idea is based on success secrets. These tips can be curated from already existing content on the web. These can be anything from inspirational quotes or sayings from famous people in your niche, anecdotes from your personal story, or the stories of your audience. The best way to carry this out is through video. You can even film exclusive interviews of experts in your niche, using Gbox to sell them.

Now that we covered content marketing in general, let’s take a look at the different social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, that you can use to share your content.

How can you use video on these platforms to sell exclusive content? Build relationships first! Here are the tactics you can use to build powerful connections:

Send Thank You Notes”:

Everyone wants to feel like they are cared about, important and part of something new and cool. Send your audience members a personal “Thank You” via video to thank them for supporting you and to make them feel special. This will also build rapport and trust.

 Tell them the purpose of the link or resource you are sharing:

Many times people post items to their blog or social media pages, or tweet articles out, without an explanation. Make a video critiquing a relevant article you read or video you saw, and add your personal voice. A lot of people tend to judge articles by their title and if they don’t understand it in the first two seconds, they move on to the next piece of content. This is the perfect opportunity for you to create a preview for them before they view the content, build their trust, and create a connection.


Social media is all about making connections and having two-way conversations. Why not take networking to the next level by making it more personable through video introductions? Connecting two people or businesses through video is powerful and personable.

Answer Questions:

If you are both an expert and passionate about what you do, then answering questions in your niche should be easy. Why not answer 3-4 questions using a Twitter or Facebook video each day? This makes you stand out as an industry leader in your niche. When you directly respond to another Twitter or Facebook user (by tagging them), your chance of them seeing your content is increased, and they will be motivated to share your content.

 Ask Questions:

If you don’t know the answer to something, or if an article intrigues you, then ask a question about it to start a larger conversation. Sometimes philosophical questions that make people think are the most popular. Other times people prefer short-ended yes or no type questions. The best practice is to vary how you are interacting with your audience to meet different people’s needs. If you are testing out a new feature then use video to ask your audience what they think. Engagement is key.

Express Ideas:

Everyone experiences writers block, blanks on what to talk about, nothing to produce, or feel like they’ve hit a “plateau.” Then what? Give someone inspiration to think in a different way by fuelling them with new ideas for their passion or business. This can be done through a short video that you post to Gbox, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Vine.


  1. “How-To to demonstrate thought leadership:

We don’t necessarily want to invest a large amount of money to learn a new skill or something specific that maybe we’ll only use a few times. If someone wants a simple “How-To,” create a video and tweet it to them. Life hacks are incredibly useful and people love to find new and simple ways to make their lives easier. By sharing a short and succinct video, you can build rapport with your audience and keep them coming back for more!

Launch an event

When you put time and effort into creating an awesome event, of course you want as many people as possible to know about it! Send out a quick video with the details and benefits of the event and personally invite your audience to join. They are more likely to come to your event if your invitation is engaging and your audience knows exactly how they will benefit from joining.

Invite others to join you at an event

Have you ever felt like an event would be much more fun if you were going with a bunch of your like-minded friends? Send someone a video tweet and invite them to join you at an event. This builds rapport with them, gives you the opportunity to have a shared experience, and increase your network.


Content is becoming more powerful than ever – especially when it’s valuable, life enhancing content. We’d even go as far as saying that content selling is the new social media. You can use giant networks to build rapport and trust with your audience around your free content, and when it comes time to selling your exclusive content, Gbox is the best, easiest platform to use.


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