Easy Video Content Marketing Tactics That Convert Leads into Happy Customers


Video content marketing isn’t going anywhere, but most brands are still struggling with the Return On Investment (ROI) of their content.

Face it, we spend tons of time creating great content, but when the times comes to share our stuff with the world – nothing happens!

Do you have email opt-ins, but not making any sales? That means that the leads that are coming into your sales funnel are not viable; they are not helping your brand grow.

But what exactly is going wrong?

This guide will take you through the brand-building concepts on how to turn leads into customers practically every time.

Optimize Your Website and Content for Conversions

Let’s start with a top to bottom optimization of your website for capturing leads.

Ask yourself: “how optimal is my website for capturing leads?”

The best way to capture names and emails is through free content. Content that is both free and valuable, that builds trust and a rapport with the people who opt in to view it.

Now you might think, “why would I want to create a free video to give away, when they can easily go to Youtube to find the exact same content?” The difference is that your content is a direct reflection of YOU and your brand. If you want to build a rapport with your prospects, then going through the process of creating content helps you develop your brand, increase your visibility, and gain the trust of your potential customers.

Here are a few ways to build rapport with your customers:

  • Free courses
  • Industry specific templates and spreadsheets
  • “Gated” videos through Gbox
  • In-depth guides and books
  • Membership site with content
  • Free training sessions

These are also called “ethical bribes” in which you provide your leads with free educational resources, and in return you capture their email address to send them more great content and eventually convert them into happy, paying customers!

Remember: The content you give away must be specific to the audience you are reaching out to.

Now you’ve created some awesome content, what’s next?

The placement of your ethical bribe matters. You want to add it to places where it is most accessible and easily clickable for your potential customers.

Here are some great places to add it to:

  • Sidebar of your website
  • At the end of every post
  • Home page
  • Navigation bar
  • Exit pop-out
  • Embed within posts

Best Practice: Take your blog posts and transform them into a free eBook. You can even copy and paste all of them in a word document, format it to make it look appealing, and then add an attractive cover. The cover can be created using Canva. Then create a PDF and host it on your website or email marketing platform. The last thing you want to do is create an email opt-in form and a Thank You auto-responder email sequence for after they download it. Another way of carrying this out is through creating podcasts and then transcribing them. Once you transcribe them, you can transform them into an eBook. Here is an easy way to transcribe your podcasts.

Powerful Gated Videos

You currently have tons of video content but you don’t know how to gain more value from it. So, how do you start making a profit?

The best way to carry this out is through a “video gate.” This method involves adding an opt-in form to your videos in order to capture the email addresses of your potential customers. Remember: The less information you ask for, the better chance you will have at generating leads from your content.

For example, Brian carries out this method well. Check out his videos.

We suggest you add a free preview to your video to give viewers a glimpse at how awesome your content is, and then add a paid option for them to continue watching the video to get to the meat of your content. This can easily be implemented through Gbox.

Video gated campaigns are just the start of your marketing campaign. We suggest using ShortStack to build full marketing campaigns that include quizzes, photo contests, voting sessions, and even Instagram promotions. This will help your audience fully engage with the content.

When it comes time for making money with your content, it will be easy because you will have already built a strong, trusting relationship with your viewers.

It all comes down to this: The more engaged your audience is, the more likely they are to purchase from you.

Best Practice: Create a video gated introduction video to a contest. Then have them enter their email right there to enter the contest. Once they have entered the contest have the Thank You page show your gallery of other contests they can choose to enter. Now you have them engaged, and you have built a rapport with them! It is time to convert them into paying customers!

LinkedIn Magic Content Marketing Tactic

Ask yourself this: how often are you using LinkedIn as a lead generation source?

We use it all the time and our database of email leads has increased by nearly250% in the last 3 months due to LinkedIn.

The next question to ask is: what does your target audience crave from you?

Find out where your target audience hangs out on LinkedIn, and tailor your content to their interests. Answer the questions they’re asking. You are allowed to join 50 different groups on LinkedIn.

Now you can create content based around their needs.

When you create a post on LinkedIn, post it in those 50 groups, making sure that you raise a question that group members will be prompted to answer. The worst way to market is by creating a post without any description. The description is prime real estate for you to deliver your message and engage readers in a meaningful conversation.

You should also answer questions and contribute to the discussions in these groups so your audience can build a trusting relationship with you.

Another tactic is to connect to influencers. If you are in the same group as an influencer and share the same connections, then you can add them as a friend even if you don’t have their email address. This means if you want to connect to an influencer, simply look at which groups they participate in and join the same group. Then send them a request.

We suggest that you don’t just send a request with the default message. Customize it to them and you’ll have a better chance of them accepting it.

Best Practice: Click on the “Who’s viewed your profile to see who has been checking you out. People who have viewed your profile are generally interested in what you do. Then send them a message to see if there is anything you can help them with.

Now you are all set to start fuelling your lead generation machine with great opt-ins, gated videos, and LinkedIn.

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