Gbox Introduces Tweet to Unlock for Video Content!

By Steve Paddon

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Here at Gbox, we are proud to announce our newest audience-building feature for video content producers! We understand building and maintaining an audience is a huge challenge, and we’re working hard to make this much easier for you!

You can now entice your leads by allowing them to watch a trailer and then offering them the opportunity to socialize the video on Twitter in return for full video access.

The feature is called Tweet to Unlock , and it is a form of social payment that offers your viewers the option to access a video with a social media sharing rather than paying money.

This feature allows creators to directly convert potential sales to marketing spends!

Videos with Social Currency

When you produce a video or series, your goal is that it will be worthy of a massive online audience. You make it short, you make it remarkable, and you do the work to get it off the ground.

We get that, and it is always our goal to empower you to reach the viral levels your excellent content deserves!

Tweet to Unlock gives you more power than ever to do just that. As your current audience shares your video, your views continue to grow exponentially!

Viewers simply click the “Tweet to Unlock” button after watching your trailer. They are then directed to the Gbox companion, where they can customize their tweet text.

pay with a tweet


Many video content owners are finding this rewards-based system to be the easiest and most effective way to increase social shares and earn viral video traffic.

Here is why and how it works on Gbox!

The Benefits

Social payment offers you new opportunities to expand your reach, entice warm leads that are not yet willing to pay, and hook people on your video content and brand.

Expand Your Reach

Expanding your reach is easier said than done. Even brands with viral views and thousands of followers often receive only a small handful of shares on their content (if that).

People have options to engage with you. A viewer can choose to simply give a thumbs up or post a comment rather than sharing.

But take this same viewer, show her a preview that raises curiosity and then offer the full video as a reward for sharing, and she will likely take the bait. Viewers of the social action will then be provided the same offer, enabling the opportunity for viral reach!

And when she does, you just earned prime real estate on the page of someone in your target audience! That person’s social network is now looking at you, and your reach begins to grow exponentially!

As new hot leads enter your domain, your opportunity to sell your videos increases on an ongoing basis.

Entice Warm Leads

There are always those who are interested in your content but don’t yet see enough value to open their wallets. For these leads, Tweet to Unlock is the perfect way to offer them an opportunity to get to know you better.

With access to your full video costing so little, your warm leads can get the taste they need before making an actual purchase decision.

Hook People on Your Video Content!

Chances are, you are already giving away valuable chunks of your online content in order to earn the credibility and prove you’re worth the dollar amount you’re asking for.

You use your best, highest performing videos to hook people on your content – remember, this only works if the video has some type of social currency. Tweet to Unlock affords you the ability to offer more for free…because your brand is getting a direct marketing benefit in exchange – bringing more awareness to your overall content and brand!

What’s even better is that with Gbox, you can include the same videos in Season Pass packages as well. Hence, your audience has options and can choose to access the video as a part of a packaged offer instead, for users who would rather pay than spend social currency. Providing a price tag next to these Tweet to Unlock also establishes the value of the Tweet action to the viewer.

How it Works

Here is a step-by-step process on how to do it:

  1. From your Gbox Dashboard, select “Videos.”

pay with a tweet

  1. From your Video Library, locate the video you would like to offer social pay for. On the right hand side, select the “edit” wheel.

pay with a tweet

  1. You should now see a pop up window like below. Look under the Edit Video Wizard on the left side and select “Pricing.”

pay with a tweet

  1. On the pricing options pop up, select “Social.”

pay with a tweet

  1. Select “Tweet” and hit “Save.”

pay with a tweet

That’s it! Your video should now show the word “Tweet” under the “Price” column.

pay with a tweet


Look for more features in this area of Audience Development coming soon from Gbox!

For more help, visit Gbox Support.

That’s a wrap!

Have any creative ways you use and/or would like to use social pay options? Let us know in the comments below!

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