Gbox: A Powerful Way to Sell and Distribute Your Videos


Gbox is a powerful way to sell and distribute your videos. Gbox enables video creators to quickly upload videos, set the price, and distribute videos on their own websites. At Gbox, we are committed to serving video creators and curators including film makers, musicians, YouTubers, Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs), vloggers, and all other savvy video creators. You dream it, create it and Gbox helps you keep your creativity alive through selling your content.

Gbox has introduced a new feature called, “Fundraising” to give you even more control over pricing your video content. The feature creates a Pay What You Want (PWYW) model where viewers decide how much they pay. You, the video creator, can determine whether the “fundraising” feature will be enabled after a brief preview or after the video is completed. With the “fundraising” feature, you have the option to set a “recommended price.” The PWYW pricing model is also referred to as “participative pricing” or “voluntary contributions”. It’s been a success for brands such as Panera Bread because it gives consumers a say in determining the price of a product or content.

Often when exceptional content is created, viewers reward creators by contributing more than the minimum “recommended price”. Why? Viewers are good judges of the creativity, originality and work that goes into creating great content, and they are intrinsically motivated to pay a price that is reflective of the amount of care and work that creators dedicate to a project.

Videos have become a preferred way to communicate with others. When was the last time you opted to watch a How-to video rather than read the instructions manual? Videos make things feel more real, tangible. Videos can be an expression of your creativity and interests. They can be educational and be used to open minds, teach new skills, and introduce new concepts or ideas. Videos can be used as an advertisement angle (digital billboard). Videos are great for customer testimonies or to demonstrate how a product works. The relevance and value of video sharing is endless and this is why it has become such a successful platform in the tech, entertainment, new media, and filming industries.

High quality video creation benefits everyone and video creators need the support of viewers. Why? The main reason for video sharing platform failure is the failure to monetize. It costs money to host a video sharing platform, such as YouTube or Vimeo. It also costs money, time, energy, and resources for the video creators to post or share content on a consistent basis. If the video platform or video creators do not receive pay, contributions, or support not only does it cost them resource wise, it also de-values their content or product. To keep video creation and sharing alive, it is important for viewers and the video sharing community to participate in fundraising and paying for content.

Big distribution with little monetary benefit to the creator does not benefit the viewer, the creator, or the platform. Without monetization, the video sharing platform cannot grow and mature to reach its potential. Monetization allows for better content, better viewing, and a better video sharing experience for all parties. Gbox is passionate and driven to make video sharing a profitable, successful business model. Support Gbox and you support the video sharing community, the creator/artist/video curator, and better business practices for all, while enjoying one-of-a-kind video content.

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