Gbox pro Gets the Ultimate Update: Faster, Easier, Flawlessly Integrated

By Sweta Patel

Three months ago we launched the first version of the Gbox Pro platform to the world. Never before had there been such a user-friendly way for video creators to upload and monetize their videos. In those three months we saw our users make thousands of dollars from their content, raise money for great causes, grow their communities, and become empowered through the basic fact that content can and should be monetized.

Now that we have some invaluable learning experience under our belt and have grown with you through the process, we are ready to unveil the next update for Gbox Pro users. This week we will be releasing the latest version of the platform based on your reviews.

One of the greatest things about today’s tech industry is that your opinions and feedback as a user is what drives positive change. We have received so much awesome feedback from you, and we have taken it all into consideration and integrated it into the latest version of Gbox Pro.

One of the most requested changes we received was to reduce the complexity of the platform to allow for a quicker, more intuitive workflow. As always, we listened to what you had to say and we have updated Gbox Pro to be quicker and more reliable than ever, without compromising on any of the capabilities.

Now let’s see this in action.

Uploading your videos to your Gbox channel is easier than ever. All you have to do is upload your file, add the content information, set your pricing options, and then publish! We removed all the superfluous details and cut right down to the essence. All in one simple and streamlined workflow that you can access from anywhere in the world.

Paul’s Personal Training is a great example we can use to illustrate just how easy it is.

Paul started his own Personal Training company a few years ago and had been having difficulties building his clientele. When he asked his existing customers for feedback, he got a few recommendations that he should start making videos of his training techniques that they could share with their friends. One of his clients is an avid Gbox user and suggested that Paul use Gbox to upload his own videos to share, and maybe even make some extra money from them.

Paul wasn’t sure if this was for him because he isn’t very tech-savvy, nor does he have a lot of extra time to spend figuring out the process. But after he created a Gbox account and saw how easy it was, Paul began filming and editing a number of short videos (using his smartphone) showing his favorite work-out moves.

He then uploaded the videos, added a description and his branding to his Gbox channel, set a pricing option, and then clicked publish. He uploaded 10 of his videos in just a few clicks! It was faster and easier than he could have ever imagined.

Gbox Pricing options

Another great addition to Gbox Pro is the new, beautifully integrated video upload wizard. Designed as a step-by-step guide to run you through the process, the video upload wizard is an all-in-one tutorial platform that takes all the guesswork out of uploading your videos. Our goal was to make it as easy as possible for you to upload as many videos as you can to share with your audience. It’s simple, integrated and easy.

When Paul first started uploading work-out videos to build buzz around his personal training company, the video upload wizard made it super simple for him to upload his videos. He had never used a service like this before, and was blown away by just how easy it was thanks to this built-in tutorial feature.



If you would like to sell your video on different sites with different pricing options, you can now make a copy of the existing video, without having to re-upload it.

These interchangeable pricing options are a great way to further market your videos. Let’s say you want to offer your video on a fundraising platform and give your audience the option to donate any amount they want, and on your own website you want to offer the same video but at a set price. The Gbox Pro platform let’s you do both. No programming, no double uploading, no hassle – it’s built right in. Now you’re marketing your video towards different audiences who are empowered to pay the way they want, how they want, when they want. It’s a win-win.

For Paul’s Personal Training, his customers enjoyed his training videos so much that he decided to keep making them. In the member area of his business website, he uploads his videos (using the Gbox embed code we’ll talk about in the next part of this post), and sets the pricing option to “Name Your Price.” This is a great option for him because his existing customers already pay for his training services, and are given the option to pay as much or as little as they want for these bonus videos.

On the public portion of his website, Paul has uploaded the same videos but at a fixed price. This gives anyone who visits his website the option to purchase his videos to watch anywhere in the world.

Paul’s training videos have become so popular, his clientele has nearly doubled, and his Gbox videos have become a residual form of income for him.

Gbox Pricing options


Once you have added your video, you have built-in tools right at your finger tips to market your content to the world. It is easier than ever to share your videos with your social networks or embed them on your blog or website. Simply copy and paste the embed code, and the Gbox video platform is built for flawless integration. It’s the simplest of marketing techniques – the more channels you share your videos on, the larger your outreach – but now it’s easier than ever to implement using these built-in sharing tools.

Paul is now more motivated than ever to grow his company. He created a Facebook fan page for his personal training company, as well as Twitter and Instagram accounts. On all of these platforms, Paul shares his training videos using the embed code built right into each of the videos he uploads to Gbox. Using the flexible pricing structures mentioned earlier, he is able to change the pricing options on each video depending on where he shares them, without having to re-upload the video! His fan base and social reach (and his bank account!) has grown beyond his wildest dreams, with no extra work on his part.



We think this is a great update that has improved the usability of Gbox, and as always we are excited to hear about how these features improve your Gbox experience and help you make money from your video content.

Our ears are always open to feedback and we thrive off your suggestions. Please, send us an email to let us know what you think about this update so we can continue to make Gbox even better.

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