Grow Your Audience by Giving Away Free Access to Videos

By Dirk Lueth

With the rise of the social web, a lot for companies have successfully used “viral” aspects to their products to acquire new customers. Dropbox for instance gives away storage for free. Facebook, Zynga, and Groupon apply different mechanisms but each grew their user base without having to rely on expensive, “traditional” marketing.

David Jackson, the founder/CEO of Seeking Alpha, mentions three conditions that create virality:

The most powerfully growing products do three things at once:
1.They make you look smart to the people you invite.
2. They give real value to you when the people you invite join.
3. They give real value to the people you’ve invited once they sign up.

-from Jackson’s blog, A Founder’s Notebook

At Gbox, we asked ourselves, ‘Can we also introduce the experiment of virality to our content partners? And what would it look like?’

So we came up with tools that content partners can use when they create a Gbox video offer:

First, content creators decide whether they want to allow promotional copies. Then they select how many copies a buyer can share with others for free.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 2.42.48 PM

When you buy a video and also receive free copies to share, you become a “sharer”, through your Gbox. You can share copies with friends, whether or not they are on Gbox yet.

How does it work when you are a recipient of a shared video? Your activity stream in your own Gbox will look like this:

You will receive an email that your friend has shared a free copy of a video with you.

So let’s see if we meet the three conditions for powerful growing products from David Jackson above:

  1. Makes the sharer look smart: Yes, if the shared content is good quality (what we love here at Gbox) and is not easily discoverable by the recipient.
  2. Give value back to the sharer: Yes, once the recipient has added the video to her own Gbox, the sharer gets additional reward points, which can be used elsewhere on the Gbox platform.
  3. Give real value to the recipient:  Yes. It is a free video for her. And, if the recipient is signing in to Gbox for the first time, she gets free $ credits and reward points just for signing up.

We are curious how this innovative approach to content distribution can work for you. Let us know!

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