Helping “The Thick Paint Project”

By Dirk Lueth

Today, the open Internet is a great way to find information about things you want to know or do better. But put yourself into the shoes of the people who actually create the content you are interested in. Very often your content creators spend a lot of time producing informational videos, taking special pictures, writing inspiring books and publishing thoughtful blogs. They buy equipment such as a great camera to provide high quality videos.

Their audience benefit from all these investments. But making money on the Internet is still difficult for creators to refinance their work. Why? Because there is – and this might surprise you – too little or suboptimal choice for content monetization. When we at Gbox talked to content creators we heard arguments such as

  • Advertising  pays too little
  • Advertising prices continue to drop
  • Selling content through app stores does not work:
    • Too restrictive rules on how to promote content
    •  Sales tax too high (30% and up to +45%)
    • They are too big, getting discovered is difficult
    • No cross linking between different blog pages
  • Process of buying content on blog sites is cumbersome

Our mission is to support content creators with simple to use tools and better ways to make money on the Internet. We are happy to announce that Brad Teare has agreed to work with Gbox. Brad is a fine artist, illustrator and comics writer/artist based in Utah who blogs about his work and shares instructional videos with his audience. He is using Gbox to generate some funds for his “Thick Paint Project”. See the preface video below (free after preview) where he explains why he is working with Gbox and what he wants to achieve:



The uniqueness of Gbox is that it allows creators to syndicate a premium video across the whole web. So you can either go to Brad’s blog to buy his fundraising video or get it below, directly from this webpage. Gbox ensures that Brad will always earn his money. Once you have bought the video somewhere, you will be able to watch it on any device and any other website. Gbox “travels” with you across the web and it stores the access rights to the digital content you have bought.



If want you to help Brad to generate more funds for his project, you can do one or all of the following:

1) Post this link to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social media account. Users are linked to Brad’s blog.

2) Post this link to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social media account. Users can buy the video directly on Gbox.

3) For advanced users: Use the embed code to integrate his video into your own WordPress, Blogger, tumblr or any other blog. You find the embed code by clicking on the small symbol with “<>” in the video above.




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  • Tricia Perkey

    Brad, I am very pleased with your demonstration. Your technique is an inspiration.

    I do have one question: Wasn’t there supposed to be a demonstration on what you use in place of Maroger Medium? There actually are two videos on this page, but the first one would not play. Was I mistaking about the medium recipe? Do you have a video demo on using it in your work?


    Tricia Perkey
    Austin, Texas

  • Brad Teare

    Tricia, sorry for the late reply! I will have some videos that answer these problems in the future. I’m getting two shows ready this month and have been terribly busy with that so I have neglected nearly everything else.

    The video called Substitute Maroger Medium should give most of the answers you seek. Thanks for your kind words (and your patience). Brad