Hot Off the Press! The Gbox Way to Engage Fans Using Livestreaming

By Sweta Patel

Imagine receiving a FaceTime request from Taylor Swift. Would you answer?

Even if you’re not Tay-Tay’s biggest drooling fan, I think the odds are good you would hit that little green button.

This week, we launch a brand new Gbox feature that allows you to use Gbox to connect with your fans on a level so real they won’t be able to resist. That tool is Meerkat integration.

Tons of video celebrities are experimenting with new ways to get social with their fans using livestreaming. That’s why the Gbox team has been fully committed to engineering a fully capable, integrated tool that will allow you get real with your audience and earn more.


Meet Gigi…if you haven’t already

Our featured blog guest this week is the one and only Gigi Alarik, hipster web show host and proud Gbox star.

We gave Gigi the opportunity to pre-test our new Meerkat integration feature, and she is bubbling with excitement about the fun new ways she gets to connect with her audience!

So what is Meerkat integration? It’s a live streaming solution that fully integrates with your Gbox and Twitter.

When you host a live stream on your Gbox, you have the power to connect with multiple audiences at once. At the same time, each individual fan feels a tangible connection to you because they’re seeing you live and they can comment in real-time. It’s a double whammy!

Gigi's headshot


Gigi’s Top 5

Here are the top five reasons Gigi loves Meerkat Integration:

  1. It gives your brand the human touch
  2. You get feedback in real-time
  3. Live videos have viral power!
  4. Streaming is an opportunity to get new viewers to opt in
  5. Less production costs = more profit!

Keep reading for a quick description of each of these, and then stick around for a step-by-step that will teach you how you can do it, too!

Meerkat and Livestream benefits

Give Your Brand the Human Touch

There’s just something about watching something live.

It’s so enticing for fans to join in when they get a chance to see you being real. No editing, no retakes, and not to mention the chance that any random occurrence can happen.

They don’t know what they could miss by NOT viewing!

Last week Gigi was at a music festival in San Diego. She was itching to try out Gbox live streaming, and it was the perfect opportunity!

She says, “It was seriously so rad. Everybody was commenting and I was laughing with them. I felt like I was with them, and I think they felt that, too. That’s what makes it so cool!”

What better way to build a human brand and encourage the loyalty of your fans!?

Gbox livestream


Get Real-Time Feedback

Fresh content has a whole new meaning!

Inviting your fans to connect with you in real-time is great because they can tweet and comment during the stream.

Depending on your style, you can choose to answer questions, read off comments or call out specific viewers during the stream.

Make sure you ask for suggestions and comments, then use their feedback to create even better content in the future.

Meerkat comments

Live Videos Have Viral Power

Each and every time someone comments or tweets during your stream, that’s social proof for your brand. Comments turn into more comments, and before you know it, your video has gone viral.

Whether you’re giving your fans a look into your living room or taking them with you to a red carpet event, they love being with you.

Turnouts are bigger for live-streamed videos than they are for regularly uploaded videos.

That’s the power of Meerkat integration!


List Building

With Gbox, you always have options for how you want to sell (or give away) your content.

Gigi’s main goal is to get new subscribers. To do so, she is constantly building a list of leads.

Gigi promotes her Gbox live streams via her strongest social media sites. Then, instead of charging for entry, she simply requires her viewers to opt in by providing an email address.

Since live stream videos are likely to be some of your most popular, this is one of the easiest ways to grow your list!

Gigi's Gbox contact list

Less Production Costs = More Profit

Even Katy Perry’s live stream videos are shot with smartphones.

Your audience doesn’t join in to see the incredible production value. They’re just excited about seeing YOU!

With Gbox you can choose how you want to charge for your live stream videos. Whether you charge at entry or offer free entry for an email address, the opportunity is there.

The title says it all – with less up front cost of production, you’re bringing in leads for very little or no cost!


BONUS: Engage on a Personal Level 

In addition to all of the amazing benefits above, your Meerkat integration will allow you to engage with your fans on a personal level.

Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to make your fans feel special by calling them out during live streams, answering their questions, and simply conversing back and forth.

What better way to create loyalty with your audience!?

The How-To

You are now likely as pumped about the new Gbox Meerkat integration as we are! So lets get to the good stuff – here is how you do it!

  1. Go to and login to your account. From there you will see your Gbox dashboard. On the left hand side of the screen there is a menu. From that menu, select “Settings.”


  1. You will now see a new page with the title “Creator Settings” at the top of the screen. On the left hand side of the screen, a new menu has appeared. From this menu, select “Channel.”

Select Channel

  1. From the Channel page, look towards the bottom of the screen for the section titled “Meerkat Live Stream.” Switch the Meerkat option on. The slider will appear green when turned on.

slide on meerkat

  1. Below the green slider, enter your Meerkat username. Make sure it is exact and watch for typos.

enter username

  1. Next to your username, locate and select the blue button titled “Update.” A green pop-up will appear telling you that your Meerkat live stream has been updated successfully.

select "update"

  1. Now look to the top right side of your screen and select “Channel.”

select "Channel"

  1. You will now see your Gbox channel page and videos. Select “Live.” This is where your fans will be able to access and watch you live from your Gbox channel!

"Live" section of Gbox Channel

  1. Your Gbox and Meerkat accounts are now linked! Use your Meerkat app on your smartphone as usual, and your Meerkat livestreams will show up in your Gbox Live section! Don’t forget to hit “Save to My Meerkat Library” after streaming.


  1. That’s it!


That’s a wrap! Now you’re an expert on how and why to use Gbox’s new Meerkat integration function.

How will YOU use live stream videos to take your channel to the next level? Tell us in the comments below, and don’t forget to stay in touch on Facebook and Twitter.

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