How Niche Experts Are Leveraging Video

By Steve Paddon

If you’ve got a unique set of skills or in-depth knowledge in a certain field or subject area, creating video content to showcase your expertise could help you become a thought leader utilizing your niche expertise and provide a steady stream of income from a devoted audience.

Even if your particular expertise is in an area that seems saturated with video content, all it takes to stand out is a fresh spin, truly useful content, and a willingness to produce quality videos on a consistent basis. Remember, you don’t have to be something to everyone, you just have to be everything to someone.  

Below we’ve included several examples of talented people who are using niche video content to attract, build, and monetize their online audience.

Music & Sound

Expert sound recordist Matt Price has honed his craft over 280 projects ranging from feature films to TV commercials. Through his website,, Matt capitalizes on his vast knowledge of recording technology and sound mixing to provide professional insights for others to follow. His experience gives him credibility that is hugely valuable, and allows him to generate ongoing revenue from his expertise.

Korean flutist Jasmine Choi has a lengthy and impressive resume which includes a Julliard degree and performances with world famous orchestras such as the Vienna Symphony and St. Petersburg Philharmonic.

While fans can purchase and download music from any of her four albums, Choi has also produced a number of beautiful and dramatic performance videos available on several hosting sites, but monetized via her custom Gbox channel.

Viewers receive the first four minutes of content free, then are invited to help sponsor the soloist by paying for full-length content at whatever rate they feel is appropriate. With no ads on her channel, Jasmine’s viewers are free to enjoy the performance without distractions, and it’s a great way to boost her profile while also supporting album sales and even signups for her courses. Over the last six years, quirky Canadian alternative band Walk Off The Earth has built up a fan base of millions by posting videos of their original songs and covers of popular songs. The band is most famous for a video of their cover of Gyote’s “Somebody That I Used To Know”, which received 127 million views in just over four months. Six albums later, Walk Off The Earth continues to attract new fans and sell out shows around the world. Video viewers who support the band receive special perks and insider information, and the band continues to engage fans by releasing videos of requested covers. HINT: You can adapt both of these tips to fit your video content and audience. 


Although she may seem like an overnight sensation, “geeky chef” Rosanna Pansino worked full-time for a year before she began making money on her cooking tutorial channel. With nearly 1 million subscribers and an annual income estimated by SocialBlade to be as high as $2.2 million, her nerd-culture creations are paying off!I guess you could say her Lord of the Rings doughnuts are bringing in Smaug levels of riches.

Rosanna Pansino with cookbook


Hopeful new media entrepreneurs can learn a lot from “Ro’s” channel, including how to start small and improve your production values as your budget allows. Take a look at Pansino’s very first cooking tutorial posted in 2011. Notice how the lighting, set and even Pansino’s hair and makeup can’t hold a candle to her current videos? The point is, don’t be intimidated by the established stars in your area – they all had to start somewhere. To join them, decide on your niche and monetization method, then get started building your own amazing brand and audience.


Video on demand is a natural fit for sports teams looking to establish a wider audience and give fans expanded access. For a terrific example of how to use a branded channel to engage fans and monetize content, look no further than Hull City Football Club (Hull FC).

Visitors to the club’s channel (powered by Gbox) can watch live matches plus they have the options to purchase single videos of full games, game highlights and interviews with team members past and present. For fans who don’t want to miss an upload, there’s a membership option that gives viewers an all-access pass to everything provided on the website.

Cool tip: Fans can also upload video to the channel, adding user-generated content to the many available options (it’s free to view) and adding to the brand’s community feeling.

How-To / DIY

For all you “do-it-yourselfers” out there, DIY tutorials are enormously popular and an easy way to earn income from your knowledge and skills, particularly if you’re also good at teaching and explaining.

Creating video tutorials around building, crafting and repair can also help you become an established personality in your niche, increasing the chance that a customer will be willing to paying for your premium content.

shannon of


Shannon of House Improvements has helped people create entire rooms with his series of DIY home repair and construction videos. With nearly 150,000 subscribers, Shannon’s straightforward and thorough project videos have been viewed over 27 million times.

While no one can accuse Shannon’s videos of being particularly entertaining, they’re a perfect example of why you don’t need a lot of flashy gimmicks or expensive sets to create useful video content your audience will pay for.

Steal this idea: Offering your viewers a range of payment options helps strike a balance between what works best for you and for them.

Once your videos catch on, you may also catch the eye (and wallet) of a high profile sponsor (recognize the logo on those orange buckets?).

Exercise & Fitness

In just three short years, Adriene Mishler’s “Yoga with Adrienechannel has acquired 900,000 subscribers and 47 million viewers.

The upbeat yogi, who also acts in theater and film, created her following by regularly posting short, laid-back videos designed to encourage yoga practice in everyday life.

Adriene yoga post


Niche video content creators, take note: Mishler brilliantly capitalized on the exercise challenge craze by offering a “30 Days of Yoga” series that was a huge hit, with each installment gathering 200,000 – 400,000 views. The video series was offered for free, but viewers regularly donate the price of a yoga class.

For fans who want additional instruction, Mishler offers additional fee-based online classes via her website.

Ready to get started?

We hope you’ve gotten some useful ideas or inspiration from these examples of new media entrepreneurs. There are literally millions more, so do some homework to find out who’s putting out great content in your niche, then find a way to put your own unique stamp on your content creations.

If you’re still deciding where to host and distribute your online video content, check out why choosing a free video hosting platform may not always be the best choice for your content strategy.

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