How to Instantly Win Your Niche Audience & Sell More Videos!

By Sweta Patel

We love to hear success stories from our Gbox Pro users—and luckily we received a nice email from one of our all-star users recently telling us about his experience with Gbox’s new video Restrictions feature.

We know that growing your video selling business requires the best targeting tools that you can possibly implement in order to reach the customers who care about what you have to share and want what you have to sell. You’ve put a lot of work into creating your video content, but it might not be for everyone, all of the time. In order to help you best define and reach your customers, we’ve released a Restrictions feature in our latest platform update.

If you’re wondering how using video restrictions will benefit your business, we have just the right amount of inspiration for you. Keep reading below to see how Dr. Douglas uses the Restrictions features for his video selling.

Michael Douglas, Ph.D., a former law professor at UCSD and California state political candidate, who has been a determined advocate for preserving California’s environmental initiatives, specifically the maintenance of its national parks, water reserves, and clean energy measures. We asked Dr. Douglas how the new Gbox Restrictions feature is helping him spread his message and aiding his campaign to office. His response: “The new updates are a way for me to raise money for my political and environmental initiatives. Setting video restrictions that match the audience I am speaking to brings me closer to winning the upcoming election for Legislative Director of California.”


Geographical Restriction


 Instantly Win Your Niche Audience & Sell More Videos 

Since Dr. Douglas is running for office in California, he prefers to only allow access of his videos to people in the United States. If anyone from another country tries to buy his campaign videos, they would be given a restriction message, and are not offered a Watch & Buy button. This way, Dr. Douglas knows that his environmental and political messages are reaching the people it matters most to, those in California and the United States.


 Instantly Win Your Niche Audience & Sell More Videos

Age Restriction

 Instantly Win Your Niche Audience & Sell More Videos


Setting age restrictions limits the viewers ability to purchase a video if they do not meet the specified age required. Viewers are prompted to enter their birthdate in order to purchase and watch the video (unless they are already Gbox users with an existing profile). Dr. Douglas feels that it’s best if his videos are only accessible to those who are eligible to vote in California, so 18 years old or older. If anyone under the age of 18 tries to purchase his video, they will be restricted.

 Instantly Win Your Niche Audience & Sell More Videos


Time Restriction

  Instantly Win Your Niche Audience & Sell More Videos



Political campaigns are extremely time sensitive with voter polls opening and closing on specific dates. Since Dr. Douglas knows that he needs to raise as much funds and awareness as possible before the voter polls open, he has decided to allow access to his videos before the open poll date. Though, Dr. Douglas has began to promote the existence of his campaign video in order to build the most anticipation around the change he is trying to make.


Define & Reach Your Customers


Instantly Win Your Niche Audience & Sell More Videos!

In the Restrictions feature release, users can now set specific access to their videos based on geography, age, and time period—all of which will dramatically enhance your video selling business. These new video restrictions can be easily managed for each uploaded video, which allows a more custom and targeted accessibility of content. This is just the beginning of new edit features that will be available in the Gbox Creator portal over the next few months—making for the best video upload experience and successful video selling platform for your content.

Users can now find the new Gbox Restrictions feature in the Add and Edit Video section in the Creator portal. Log in to your account now to check out the latest Gbox update.

By using the new Gbox Restrictions feature, you are further defining your customer base and truly reaching those who can benefit from what you have to share. Stay tuned for additional Restrictions updates that are in the works now. We will definitely let you know once they are available.

We are so glad to be a part of creating your video business your way!

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