How To Launch the Perfect Viral Video Contest

By Sweta Patel

Congratulations! You have built the perfect viral contest and now it’s time for the fun part: the promotion!

In case you missed our last blog post, check out How To Build the Viral Video Contest to read all about how to create the perfect viral contest.

Are you ready to go live?

The Launch

The success of your launch is partially dependent on how effective your research was when you created your contest.

When you launch your marketing campaign, you will have to take several steps before you can build an engaged community.

Step 1

The first thing you want to do is email your existing email list. We use Aweber to get in touch with our users.

Try creating a split A/B test with your emails to find out which converts at the highest rate.

Best practice: Send two different variations to 30% of your list, and then pick a winner. Use the winning email to send to the rest of your list.

Step 2 

The “seed list” you created while building your perfect viral contest (link) should be contacted. Let these influencers know they are now able to promote the contest to their followings. The key to this email is to pitch to them how they directly benefit from promoting your contest. What is in it for them?

Step 3

We recommend “growth hacking” your way to success. A great way to spread the word about your contests is through Q&A threads that are relevant to your niche and topic. This does not mean going around the web and posting links about your contest. Rather, this means engaging in the current conversation, contributing to it in a meaningful way, and then adding a link to your giveaway if it makes sense to do so.

Step 4

Use social media to promote your contest all over the web. This means encouraging participation, building buzz, and prompting others to get involved with the contest.

Best Practice: Offer participants an extra entryfor every social media platform they share your contest on.

Step 5

Blogging/Vlogging about the contest is one of the best ways to get it out there. If you have relevant content on the topic, then write-up or record a few blog posts, or even partner with some of your influencers to create guest blog/vlog posts and share them. Don’t forget to add the link to your contest at the end.

Best Practice: Involve at least 100 influencers who all have at least 500 visitors to their site. Once this is determined, then send them an email with the benefits they get from entering and why they are such a good fit. Make them feel included by being personal in your correspondence with them.

The Post Launch

Now that you’ve prepared for success, launched your contest, and had a huge number of entrants, what do you have to do next?

Step 1

Email all the winners and let them know how they can claim their prize.

Step 2

Publish a list of the winners and their Twitter handles. This will show your followers that your operations are transparent (building their trust) and there actually was a winner. This also gives your audience a bigger incentive to enter any future contests you create.

Step 3

You never want to spam anyone, but in this case you do want to thank everyone for participating in the contest. This is also a great time to promote an upcoming event, new video, or some other great bit of content you have created that will further engage them

Step 4

What metrics were you planning to measure when you created the contest? Now it is time to analyze all these metrics. How many sign-ups did you receive? How many tweets did you receive? How much traffic was generated from your “seed list?”

Use the results to help plan your next contest.

Best Practice: Once you have analyzed your numbers, find out which ones drove the magic moment that converted to sales of your product or service. For example, the magic moment for Gbox is when an individual creator first makes money with their video.  

Hopefully you learned a lot while going through this process. What are you going to do differently next time? Let us know in the comments

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