Observations with Periscope: How to Monetize from Your Audience After Live Events

By Sweta Patel

Live-streams are live. We’re talking raw, (often) unscripted, human behavior. Breaking down the barriers of the screen when you are part of a live-stream on one of the latest internet crazed platforms, Periscope and Meerkat, literally anything can happen.


But how to take advantage of these platforms? Does it even make sense?


The biggest fear with investing time, money and effort into Periscope is that these live streams essentially disappear right after they finish. This means that anyone who missed the stream is out of luck for participating. And anyone who had a great experience with the stream, can’t share it with their friends. So is this really a viable option for marketing?


We’re here to tell you yes.


And Gbox is the perfect way to make it work for you and your brand.




When you upload your saved Periscope videos to your Gbox channel right after they finish, you have the perfect opportunity to merge profits with your brand development.




Remarket these videos to those who already saw them and want to re-live the experience.


Or, target those who missed the live stream and give them the chance to experience something they would have otherwise missed.


Periscope is built right into Twitter.


This is perfect for building your brand, social reach and connection with a built-in audience of millions of users! This is the great thing about the Twitter integration – no need to spend time building an audience from scratch in order to start.


Organizing weekly Periscope live streams to expose your audience to who you are and what you have to offer helps you get better and better at defining your voice and speaking to a larger audience than ever before.


After each of these live streams, upload them to your Gbox channel.




Last week we talked about how to merge Meerkat with Gbox. We recommend checking out that post for some great ideas on how to use live-streaming to boost your video sales.


And today, here are some new, creative uses of Periscope to help market your Gbox video channel, plus a bonus marketing tactic to increase your social reach.




Create a “trailer” for upcoming content.


Essentially this means offering a summary of what your new video content is going to be about.




Hull FC uses this to preview their latest match videos. Filming from the sidelines during a game, during the live stream viewers get an up close and personal view of their favorite players while they’re in the zone.


These Periscope streams add to the fan experience. It really is amazing how this technology gives your audience unprecedented access to your brand. Hull FC takes their fan experience to the next level, which translates to higher sales on their Gbox channel.


They leverage these videos in two ways. Firstly, once the official match video is uploaded to their channel, they send the link to each of the Twitter users who had engaged with them during the Periscope live stream.


Secondly, they market the live-streams they save and upload to their video channel as an added bonus for those who missed the stream in real time and want a behind the scenes look into the game.


What a win-win!


Bring Your Audience Into The Creation Process


Are you currently filming a new video for your Gbox channel? Use the opportunity to bring Periscope into the mix and give your viewers a glimpse of your creation process.


You know how much time and effort goes into the creation process, let your audience in on it too! This transparency is what really helps your audience connect to you.


BreakFree! Yoga is a neuroscience based coaching and yoga program that has recently launched their Gbox channel. Periscope gives BreakFree! Yoga the opportunity to showcase the creation process behind the new yoga videos they create.


Taking Periscope into the yoga studio brings their audience in with them. They can ask questions about what the new video is about, connect directly to the yoga instructor, and see all the moving parts that go into putting their awesome videos together.


This preview also serves as a precursor for the actual video launch. It creates buzz and anticipation around the upcoming video and prompts people to buy. Again, any Twitter users who interact with these creation live-streams are sent the link to the official video once it’s launched.


Test The Water




Periscope is the easiest way to test out new content and get instant feedback.


Try out new video tactics, subject matter and approaches to your videos. Never filmed an interview? Try out the interview format with Periscope and get feedback in real time.


And if you aren’t happy with the results, the stream disappears when you want it to.


If you do get a good response during the stream, upload the video to your Gbox channel and see what happens.


The best part of this is if you do choose to upload these experimental video streams to your Gbox channel, the sales you get will be the most telling for what kind of content works, and what doesn’t with your market.


BreakFree! Yoga can use this Periscope tactic to film their meditations and visioning processes in new and exciting ways. Different locations, different lengths, different subject matter. The greatest part of this tactic is that it’s your audience informing your brand.


Have you ever created content that you really thought your audience was going to like, but in reality it just didn’t resonate with them? When you try something new, that you’re not entirely sure is going to work, do it on a small scale with Periscope to test the waters.


Bonus: The Ultimate Promotion


Do you know about the “promotional copies” option built into the Gbox platform?




Every time someone purchases one of your videos, you can choose to give them up to 5 promotional copies that they can share with their network.




We highly recommend adding this to your Periscope videos because it is the ultimate way to extend your social reach even further.


Hull FC fans are really die-hard supporters of the team they love, and they can’t get enough of this promotional feature. Whenever they send a free copy of a video to their friends and family, they feel a great sense of ownership over the brand experience. People love to bring value to others, plus consumers are more likely to buy something when it’s recommended by someone they know and trust. And Hull FC’s sales are speaking for themselves these days!


Get Started Today


Like Periscope says on their website, live-streams are the closest thing to teleportation.


Actually being there.




In 2015 you want to be at the forefront of marketing your videos and reaching a larger audience than ever before. Periscope and Gbox are the places to start.


Get started today by signing up for Gbox and downloading the Periscope app.


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