Publish Your Gbox Videos Directly to your WordPress Site

By Adelaide Bell

WordPress offers an easy and convenient way to present your videos on your website.  However, we found that our customers who utilize WordPress would prefer to directly publish the videos hosted on Gbox onto their blogs. In response to your requests, Gbox has just made it easy to do exactly that! This feature endeavors to simplify the process of getting your videos on to your website, while reduces errors.How It Works

  1. Select WordPress – Publish your video on WordPress

From the Videos section, click on the Embed/Promote button [image]to open the dialog window. From there, click on the WordPress tab.

  1. Connect your WordPress website or blog

Next, connect your WordPress account by entering your site’s URL along with your site’s credentials. By entering these credentials, you are authorizing your account on Gbox to publish videos directly to your site through the WordPress APi.

Once you are logged in, if you have multiple sites managed by those WordPress credentials, you will need to select the site you want to publish to.



Click on the trash can icon to disconnect and delete that account from being an option to publish to via Gbox.


  1. Add video, description and meta data

Next, review and edit the “Title and Description” of the video and select “Tags and Categories” for your post. Select the Video Size (how large the embedded player will be on the page). Finally, add any Tag and Category selections, as well as the Video Frame Size and Post Type. “The Post Type” settings allows you to define whether you are creating a “Post”, a “Page”, or any “Custom Post Type” you are using on your Website.



  1. Publish or Schedule your Video post

Once you have all the details in place, you can choose to Schedule Post, Save As Draft, or Publish Post. However, until you are familiar with publishing directly from within Gbox, we recommend you use the Save As Draft option so you can review the post in WordPress prior to it going live.


Currently, we only support pushing video content content to WordPress. For tasks that go beyond that, such as editing and deleting video posts on your WordPress site, you will need to do directly within WordPress.

Advanced Features: Custom WordPress Templates

WordPress has the ability to allow authors to assign custom fields to a post that can carry specific meta data. In case your website is using custom fields for the video embed code or the video description, you can define that in the “Settings / WordPress” section on Gbox. Just click on settings and select WordPress.

Enter the name of the field that carries the embed code in the ‘Embed Code Field’ and the name of the field for the description in the ‘Video Description Field’.


That’s it! If this is a feature you find useful, please let us know. And if it doesn’t quite work for you, please let us know as well! Regardless, if you are interested in this feature, congratulations! It means you produce a lot of video content, so well done!


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