Sell content online: Why you earn more by offering less?


Human nature is a funny thing. Some buried instinct in us reacts to exclusivity, scarcity, or urgency. Our hearts beat a little bit faster. We focus slightly longer on the something that is exclusive or scarce. We question our initial calculation of its value, adding scarcity value to what we would usually be willing to pay for that something. This effect can capture your audience’s attention and help you sell digital content.

Does scarce = valuable?

It’s not a new concept. Scarcity value appears everywhere, from top college admission and antiques, to gold or the last few seconds of an eBay auction. We crave and value things that are limited. We may not understand the underlying emotions for it but the effect somehow changes viewers into purchasers. Maybe it’s the longer look and second evaluation that brings in increased sales. Peep Laja (@peeplaja) discusses his first-hand experience with scarcity value in his article, How Creating a Sense of Urgency Helped Me Increase Sales By 332%. He discovered that scarcity works. With so much quality content, consumers may need that longer look to recognize value of a piece of content. Gbox puts simple scarcity tools at the center of your content offerings. Gbox helps you sell your content to a limited number of buyers, for a limited time, or to trigger your offer to coincide with some other event. You even have to power to send out a link to exclusive members of your audience. All of this Gbox functionality without the need to learn complex tools or hire technical help. And if your initial scarcity strategy isn’t working, it takes less than five minutes to change everything based on feedback from your customers.

Gbox can help sell digital content

Gbox is focused on helping content creators and consumers connect with each other. Use Gbox’s embedded scarcity value features to encourage your fans to take a closer look. Talk to Gbox today about how you can put scarcity in to your offers and connect with more customers. Or just get started using Gbox! Sell your digital content online, using Gbox! What is Gbox about?

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