Video Landing Pages from Gbox: Direct Marketing Simplified

By Steve Paddon

Whether you want to bring awareness to your videos through your email list or broadcast them on social networks, Gbox has an out-of-the-box (pun intended) solution for you! While you often want to drive traffic directly to your brand’s web destination, sometimes you’ll want to bring your audience precisely to the content being discussed. With our beautifully designed, feature-packed landing pages, you can do exactly that — with zero effort! Of course, you can always use other tools to build landing pages and embed the Gbox player – this is simply another option for you to provide a destination for your “call-to-action”. Additionally, if a user chooses to share one of your videos from the Gbox player, you can rest easy knowing exactly how your content will be presented to those receiving the shared action.

About the Gbox Video Landing Page

The landing page from Gbox comes with the following features:

  • Integrated player and paywall
  • Playlist inside of the player (if additional videos are available in your account)
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Social Share buttons and counters
  • Buy buttons inside and outside of player, for both individual and packaged options
  • Links to your website (if configured)
  • Embed instructions and options for your affiliates

Gbox Video Landing Page


How to view a video’s landing page

To view your video’s landing page from within the Gbox portal, click on the Embed/Promote button from the video list:

Gbox actions


This will open the Promote Your Video dialog box, shown below, with the Social Share tab opened by default.

Gbox promo and distribute your video screen

You will be shown a list of social network share buttons, as well as the Gbox-specific compact URL (…) ready to be copied and shared. The link shown is the collapsed URL for the video provided by Gbox, and will open to the video-specific landing page. This is the same URL that may be used for any of your own social and email marketing campaigns.

When users click on the link, they will see the full landing experience for your video – an example is shown below:

Gbox landing page


  1. Ratings
  2. Review Comments
  3. Link to the creator’s full site
  4. Embed code instructions
  5. Additional social share options
  6. The player will list additional videos offered from the creator (and only for that creator), so that it becomes a mini-portal to watch, share, and purchase a creator’s videos

Additionally, you can find the same URL on the video itself. To find the Video Landing Page URL from the player, simply click on the upper-right corner of the Gbox player. The video needs to be paused or stopped for this button to appear.

Gbox video player

Once the share button is clicked, the Social Share options and an embed code will appear, including the URL for the landing page.

Gbox video player


Exceptions: When this Video Landing Page Is Not Used

Your social share buttons will not take users to this page if you put in a custom URL in your settings for the video. Specifically, if you put a URL in the field “Custom Video URL” of the Video Details section, then this this is the URL that will be used instead of the default video landing page. If your website is a better option for directly marketing your video via email or social networks, then it is best to put your website’s URL (for the page with that video) in that setting. However, we do not recommend you just put in your default website address here, as users are expecting to be taken directly to the video being discussed. If you are not able to do that using your website’s URL structure, we recommend you use our video landing page solution.


Gbox edit video wizard

A few simple steps and boom! You have a great landing experience for your video marketing efforts!

For more help, visit Gbox Support.

Have any creative ways you use and/or would like to use email and social marketing with video landing pages? Let us know in the comments below!

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