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“Astronaut Down” is a documentary that looks at space travel from a medical perspective. Space exploration is often considered for its scientific and technological advancements, but Morrow examines the toll on the human body instead. The documentary follows the development of space-age medical care back from early NASA missions to the long term demands of the International Space Station. From here, Morrow considers the medical needs associated with the latest space goals, including return trips to the moon and even a mission to Mars.

This evocative documentary took over two years to complete. To ensure that the content was thorough, Morrow filmed almost 500 hours of footage. Included in this reservoir is access to some of the exclusive footage from NASA’s private collection. This includes 8mm footage that has never been converted to high definition before. Because of this, viewers will be treated to some high quality, rare footage for the first time ever in “Astronaut Down.”

 The documentary is currently a pre-network release, and Morrow has chosen to use Gbox to give viewers unique access to the content. Gbox is a revolutionary media alternative that is designed to offer filmmakers a better platform for their work. Through Gbox, it is possible to promote a film to a wider audience, thereby gaining feedback, funding and future growth. Gbox empowers filmmakers to streamline their distribution process, which means viewers will have access to exciting programs like “Astronaut Down” sooner than ever.

Gbox gives filmmakers a chance to display their work. It’s so incredibly expensive to make high quality films. Gbox gives filmmakers a platform to display their work and collect from that. It’s incredibly generous of Gbox to do that. Gbox almost sounds too good to be true. It’s an honor to have people watch your work, earn money, and be able to do more incredible projects.” – Mark Morrow

You can Mark Morrow’s fascinating pre-network release documentary today on Tumblr or on Mark Morrow’s Gbox channel.

“Astronaut Down” Synopsis: What happens if on the way to Mars an astronaut develops a scratched infected eye that cannot be treated? Will an eye have to be sacrificed for the sake of the mission? Astronaut Down—a one-hour, for-television documentary—explores firsthand the real medical risks and dangers that are legion in space exploration. We trace the evolution of medical care in space—from the early days of Gemini, Mercury, and Apollo . . . to the shuttle program . . . to the International Space Station . . . to our renewed quest to go back to the moon . . . and finally, to plans for a mission to Mars. This first in a two-part series documentary discovers firsthand what these astronauts have faced and the challenges that remain if humans are to survive long-term space missions.

About Mark Morrow:

Mark Morrow embodies a unique combination of art and science. He is an author, screen writer, documentary filmmaker and a neonatal and pediatric anesthetist at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C.

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